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Nursing The Oreo - Aloha

At first I saw this on and I was like:  Why???? Is it suggesting that breastfeeding is indecent?

Then a friend found the original for me. Yes, this is how it should be.

Now I like this ad.

Which do you prefer? And why?


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  1. It sure catches my attention!

  2. I am not sure. It depends on where the ad was. For me, I think the first one. I think it is definitely an intimate moment between a baby and mother- or more for the mother. I don't like seeing it exposed. I also think that breasfedding, although natural and encouraged, there are many aspects of it that also should be listed on the same page so that young mothers would understand the consequences...and maybe there would be less plastic surgeries after the fact. Truthful enough? Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I prefer the 1st ad as compared to the 2nd.

  4. I nursed all my three kids, but to tell you the truth, I don't like seeing ad like this with exposed breasts.

    Nursing is all about feeding your child. It is a beautiful moment, and it is for the benefit of a child.

    The ad brings too much attention to the exposed breasts and not enticing others to learn the art of nursing.

  5. Neither. I don't see the point of either ad.

  6. Either way, it's an attention getting ad! :)

    Stupid Antics

  7. I agree with Icy B. and Cuzinlogic.

  8. I don't care for the ad at all. I personally think its a silly play on oreos and milk.

  9. I would have to agree with Cathi!!

  10. I remember when my boobies looked like that :)
    Beyond that, I think having a 'junk food' with breast feeding makes little sense on many levels.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Grabs our attention but it doesn't entice me to buy Oreos? I wouldn't buy cookies for a baby that young so who is the target of the ad? I get milk and cookies but a child that can eat that cookie should not be at the age of breastfeeding? Right? Typically, you breastfeed babies and cookies are for toddlers,right? Maybe I am confused? Anyway, I have no problem with seeing a woman breastfeeding, natural part of life!

  12. lol, i had not seen it "uncensored" you know it was not supposed to be leaked to the public, that it was just for a certain group... but then it got out to the public... i am sure oreo loves it, as it was their ad campaign...

  13. It's a fine ad because breast feeding has been going on since man began. If it wasn't considered dirty back then why should it be dirty now. Do you hide your face when your eating? Why should a baby? Have a great weekend my friend.

  14. I love this ad campaign! I don't think there is anything wrong with breastfeeding. It's not indescent. It's totally natural. However, if I'm to be totally honest then I personally wouldn't be comfortable bearing my breasts even though there is nothing wrong with it. That being said, it does not offend me to see a woman who is comfortable doing breastfeeding in public without a cover up. In fact, I admire her for it.


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