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The Painted Veil

A rather interesting movie.

I identify with her.

It's interesting the path life and love can take. And then later we find out what is important.

But yes, silly isn't it, that we put so much into making flowers and then they die, but really they bring such joy in the keeping and the harvesting of them.

Great movie, no swear words or explicit sexual scenes.

I must say that I admire Norton. I"m so used to him in violent movies that I had to adopt to him in this role. I knew immediately it was him.  He can't hide his voice :) But he did great job with this role.

After it all and the silence. You can tell when they begin to communicate again and of course one is still hurting....refusing to be drawn in.

This love story has Kitty meeting young, intelligent, shy and somewhat dull Dr. Walter Fane, whose forte is the study of infectious diseases, and the convenient marriage that she finds herself committed to. It is in this web of intrigue that they head for China, only after Walter discovers Kitty's infidelity with one dashing and witty diplomat Charlie Townsend. So much as to hide her from herself and to help thwart a cholera outbreak, this is a marriage more than on the rocks. This is a cold, indifferent and loveless partnership in a vast unknown and deadly environment that will test both these flightless lovebirds and with the hardships and tolerances more than any had ever anticipated. A visual delight amid the pain and suffering of a dying people and failing marriage. Will a cure be found for both, before it's too late?

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