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Shutterfly Photo Gifts

I've been so bad about keeping photo gifts of our family memories. I really need to get on my game about this. I have all these photos on the computer but it's nice to thumb through a book with the kids and talk about how much everyone has changed as a family, and introduce new members that join the family.

I know Mother's Day is coming up soon and I think that would be a wonderful project to get all the dear moments on print for our family albums or just in other physical memento form.

There are a few things that would be very meaningful to me for Mother's Day gifts because of where I am in my life right now. Two of which I'll share.
One would be, Barnes and noble gift cards because I want to get myself some awesome books for my reader.
Two, if I could get me a year's worth of photo gifts, I'd love to put them together for our family.

What would you like for your for Mother's Day gifts? 

I love that I can decorate a notebook or bag or shirt or a favorite mug or calender with photos of my family or other loved ones.

My son just won his soccer championship and I know that would make a great memory to have the team photo on his pillowcase or a favorite shirt!

I still have the photo book given to me by one of my sisters-in-law. I love that I have the memory of moments before I knew what was happening. You see, I was under anesthesia when my firstborn was delivered. So I get to see moments before when I wasn't awake. I hate missing those moments, but I'm glad they were captured for me.

Shutterfly offer quite a few things that you can customize with photos for yourself or your family.
Photo Books, Iphone Cases, Mugs, Canvas Prints, Blankets, Desk Calendars, Personal Stationery, among other things.

You can learn more about these wonderful gifts and other Shutterfly and you can follow them below to keep up with sales and new products.

I'll receive a Shutterfly Gift certificate for sharing about this Photo Gifts Campaign.

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