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Bedol Water Powered Clock - Toss Out The Batteries For The Power Of Water!

A water powered clock! Why isn't this mainstream? I can always jump for joy when I don't have to purchase more expensive batteries!!

I was skeptical that this clock was going to work. I really couldn't wait to start putting it together, but I wanted my kids to be apart of the process. I love when my kids learn new things and I know my son would be wanting to keep this clock and brag about it at school!

We read the directions together and went about getting the Bedol Water Powered Clock started. It was actually very easy and didn't take much time.

"Toss out the batteries for the power of water!" I agree. We still have to pay for water, but not at the rate of purchasing batteries for all the things we use them for in our homes.

The interesting thing is that, I wasn't going to apply for this review. I could not see how I needed another clock in my home, but it had me at 'water powered.'

At first I put too much water in and thought I just killed the clock! But all I had to do was pour the excess water out and start the programming.
Another cool thing is that, you don't have to use any special water, just fill the clock straight out the tap!

It's a cute little clock. I love the idea behind it and I hope it does become the norm for everyone needing a clock.
They have quite a few really cool designs, but I would love to see bigger sizes too.

I did try the alarm. Everyone uses different alarm settings. I like mine loud so I will be awaken out of slumber.
The clock's alarm is like  a watch, so if that's what you like then it wont be a problem.
For me I'd have to use something else to really get me up.
However, my son will be awaken by the alarm.  It's low enough not to be jarring which would scare him and perfect for little kids.

Now to get him not to spill it, break it, smash it, take it apart, drink out of it etc etc etc.

The buttons on the front to program the clock is simply too small and a bit inaccessible. It would be better if they either on the side or made a bit bigger.

H20 Clock
  • Daily/Hourly Alarm
  • 12 or 24 hour clock setting
  • No electric cords or batteries needed. Ever
  • Eco-friendly clock reduces your carbon footprint
The amazing Bedol Water Clock will never need batteries. It uses ions in ordinary water to create clean energy. Just fill with water! 
When ionization is low after 6 months or a year or more depending on your local tap water composition, just pour it out and fill with new water. It's that easy!
Clock even remembers the time as you change the water. Has a daily and hourly alarm; 12 hour or 24 hour time settings. 
Let's stop polluting the environment with dead batteries! 
Save money on batteries and power your clock with a renewable resource -- Water. 
Time powered by water, another leap forward towards a greener planet. 
I think this is a fantastic idea!
I wish many more things that takes batteries usage could be powered with water!

Nice gift idea for a college student or added to a care package.

It's a wonderful invention!

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