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Eating Takes Work - Aloha!

When we were just married. We lived in an apartment across from Walmart. I would walk across the street to get groceries.
When baby #1 came. I raced across the five lane highway with the stroller to get groceries.

During this time I was practicing to get my driver's licenses.

I tried to get my license with baby #2 but the lady went apepoo and told me I should wait until I delivered. I could smack her.

I couldn't run across the street with two babies, a stroller and grocery bags anymore.

I eventually got my licenses and was soooo nervous and excited! But I still had to get across the street!

It has been an experience.

My husband had the only car for work.
I now think he should have helped more with grocery shopping.
Apparently he hates shopping. Who loves it, unless it's for pretty shoes and clothes.

So I do all the shopping for groceries.

1. Who does the grocery shopping at your home? 
2. Do you shop with a list? 


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  1. We use a list. I like to do it myself, but rarely get to because hubby LIKES it. lol He's way better at it than I am though...he sticks entirely to the list and rounds up every item. He never goes over budget.

    I stick to the list but get other things as well, keep an approximate figure of what I've spent going, and sometimes go over budget. it any wonder he likes to go along? :)

  2. We are a one car family, too. It's been like this much of the past 22 years. Thankfully, DH is super good to help out in this department. I use to do the majority of the shopping, but many occasions DH will say, why don't you go shopping somewhere else while DS & I do the grocery shopping. What a sweetheart,huh? Needless to say, I take him up on his offer quite a bit. It gives me some time to myself which I don't get throughout the week. He's a precious, precious husband!

    Yesterday. Yesteryear. What I wouldn't give for one more yesterday again!

  3. SO is a different kind of guy I tell you. He likes shopping more than I. I don't like shoppping at all, that is because I don't like to doddle! Browse and waste time...yes, that is what shopping is to me. I think if you give me a choice to sit in front of a computer to create something versus looking at pretty jewelry, I would choose the computer and creating. Maybe because I am not rich enough to look at those things- and don't want to see me druel for something I can't have, phsychological block.

  4. I do more of the grocery shopping than Mrs. Jim does. She walks up and down the isles and memorizes where everything is and it's price.

    My list serves me well, I get in and get out. But not quite. Our new Kroger store has lots of food samples and I don't want to miss any of those. I have even come to like eating sushi.

    Good post, good questions. :)
    I couldn't eat spinach when I was at home. Then one day I tasted some cooked with bacon and a lot and it was really good. Now I eat spinach of all sort.
    Same start with oatmeal, it made me gag. It still does, that and cream of wheat. But I do like grits that I didn't eat either until I moved to Texas.
    And I don't blog every day now but I still spend too much time doing it.

    1) Do you like to cook? I like to cook. My specialty is home made pizza, crust and all. People ask me to make it because they like it so much. I make really good sandwiches too. Just search my blog for food, etc, and see what all I do.
    2) In your household are you the chef? If not who is? Mrs. Jim and I share the cooking duties. I make the fast food type stuff and she does the gourmet and spiffy deserts. We are not starving for sure.
    Jim's Little Blog; Thursday Two Questions (posts)

  5. I do the shopping at our home, and send husband for what I missed.

    I shop with a list in my head of what we needed for a week, but not a written down list..just have no time to make one :-(

  6. We keep a running list in Google Docs so we can pull it up on our ipads or iphones. We shop together and occasionally alone.

  7. I knew someone who had a nightmare about being caught in the island of a large road like that. People had to bring him food. ha ha.
    I make a mental list and we will do our big shop of the week together mostly as a date night thing.

    Have a great Mother's day!

  8. We both do. However, because of my disability, I can't actually go to the store but here in New England, Stop & Shop has a delivery service which I use. I order online and they deliver. My husband will go if we need just a couple of items.

  9. Both Bill and I shop together for groceries. We shop at Walmart, Publix, and BJ's and I cannot walk too far or lift things so there's no way I can do it by myself.

  10. I've always done the shopping and I usually do have a list, but I'm terribly guilty of going off the list too much.

  11. I do all the grocery shopping - the hubby was doing it in the early days when Princess Nagger was born (he thought he was helping me out...but he always bought the wrong stuff so I took it over). ;) I do shop with a list, but I'm notorious about buying things not on the list... and sometimes forgetting to get everything on the list. :)

    Have a great weekend - and Happy Mother's Day! :)

    Aloha Friday: Skype-in on Mother's Day

  12. My husband and I always go shopping together. We each have our own list. He gets HIS things, and the things we both use. I get MY things, and the babys things. Somehow even with 2 peole adn 2 lists we always manage to forget SOMETHING.

  13. I do most of the grocery shopping but leave the steak buying to my hubby. I don't like red meat so I always end up buying him a cut he doesn't like.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I do most of the shopping but my husband has gone through the years by himself and we have gone as a team, it just depends. I don't do a list, unless I am trying a new recipe.

  15. I do the shopping which I don't mind except hubby doesn't participate at all and seems completely unaware of the cost of food. I could use help shopping and bringing it in and so forth, but, oh well. lol
    I hope you have a blessed mother's day. You are a star but sometimes someone should shine for you. :-)

  16. Lists - sorry forgot that part which is why I could use a list sometimes. Mostly I rely on memory as I am the only one who cooks.


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