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If You Ever Need Me, I Won't Be Far Away

Learning to forgive his father while living fully with his psychic mother's joy, Bruce Rosen, author of If You Ever Need Me, I Won't Be Far Away, knows the importance of finding more joy in life despite the obstacles. Eager to be interviewed, he has put together the following...

NOT FAR BENEATH THE SURFACE of busy days—filled with traffic congestion, tense motorists, loud sirens, and the cluttering of our minds with ceaseless e-mails and voice mails, that demand our attention and response—are people who are trying to cope with the demands of life, despite the stress.  

We hope to satisfy the demands of our jobs, spouses, friends, children, parents, relatives—and to help others in need. Even as we struggle to move beyond necessity, we can feel happiness —and allow that happiness to emerge into a sense of abiding joy.  

How can you find more joy amid all the obstacles? Here are six ways:
Six Ways to Find More Joy in Life

1.  Let joy in.  
You can’t obtain it like a material possession.  It washes over you when you are doing the best you can to live an honest life and make wise choices.  

2. Give and receive, gracefully.  
Try to limit your pride and need to control. Gratitude allows you to accept the blessings of life, and then offer them in return.  

3.  Let go of regret and guilt, and move on.  
Regret is necessary to realize that you have made mistakes. However, it can destroy your health, rob you of self-worth, deprive a life of the blessings of happiness and joy if not mitigated.  

4.  Do what you love in any way possible.  
Enjoy music, theater, politics, and sports or recreation. Enjoy that you have a body that magically follows your commands. There is joy in being human.  So, do what you love.  

5. Laugh more.  
You are a child when you are young. But you are also a child when you are in your twenties and thirties, seventies and eighties and beyond. Allow your inner child to laugh.  

6. Let go of your cares and worries.  
You take your cares and worries seriously, but you also take yourself lightly enough to be kind and gentle with yourself to let them go. All things must pass, including your life. You are here a short time. So, find more joy in your journey

About the Author:

An investment officer at a major financial firm by day, Bruce F. Rosen is an award winning writer by night.  He has been featured in such venues as The San Francisco Chronicle, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and on the BBC with his slice of life pieces titled “Diary of a Creative Banker”.  The father of two sons, he lives and works in San Francisco.

The love for, and the loss of, a psychic mother who supported her family by reading tea leaves for the famous such as Marlon Brando, as well as those in need of help and guidance; the regret of a once thriving 25 year old marriage now severed; the joy of parenthood; finding forgiveness for an abusive father; reflecting on life from various places in the world such as San Francisco, New York, Costa Rica, Paris, Florence, and London during the terrorist bombings, and Bangkok during the coup; the erroneous reported death of his uncle, a Jewish gangster stock promoter who survived a bomb explosion the night before he was to testify in a headline grabbing trial; coming to terms with the unraveling economy and how others might too; the thrill of international recognition as a writer on the BBC and at the Baseball Hall of Fame…

This and more is in Bruce Farrell Rosen’s memoir, IF YOU EVER NEED ME, I WON’T BE FAR AWAY, which is a journey in a similar fashion that Eat, Pray, Love might be.  Hoping readers will rediscover themselves, as they read this book of joy, love, reflection and healing, Rosen offers a road map for all of us who are struggling with life's momentous problems to come to terms with all that has been given us and to prepare for what may be in store.  Sharing the same publisher as literary greats William Saroyan, Laurence Ferlinghetti, and Allan Ginsberg, Rosen, a financial advisor by day and an award winning writer by night, has been hailed as a unique and strong new voice.
For those who had to live through a painful childhood due to an abusive father, becoming well rounded adults with the ability to love and care for those around them can be daunting.  Yet, Rosen shares how he was able to become a loving father and husband not only despite the obstacles, but partly because of them.

Calling himself a tour guide on this journey of “what it means to be alive”, Rosen, follows the inspiration of his psychic mom, who supported her family by reading tea leaves for the famous including Marlon Brando.  Despite many trials and tribulations, including her husband’s affair, an attempted rape, and a battle with cancer, she loved life.  Forgiving his father and living fully with his mother’s joy, Rosen shows that even a difficult path through life can be successful.

“What I enjoyed so much about this book is the way that it called out to my own journey. Rosen tells his story in a way that reminds us that we are all walking the same path. Although many of the details are different, the essential threads of our humanity are remarkably similar. An eloquent and heartfelt book.” Jeff Brown, Author - Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation  

Striving to understand why things happen the way they do, he reflects on the journeys he has taken, including a successful marriage of 25 years, a marriage that came to an end.  

“This book is all about understanding ourselves, and our journey. About being willing to take that fork in the road, not knowing where it is going to take us. It is about will, determination, and heart. Above all – heart.” Bonnie Cehovet-Editor of Soul Chronicles  

This memoir transports readers to various places in the world such as Costa Rica where merchant marine seamen gave him his first introduction to ladies of the night; London, when he was blocks away from the terrorist bombings; Bangkok, during the coup, and train hopping cross country as a teen.   Rosen also pays tribute to his family and their uniqueness…a mom who foretold who he would marry and who helped rich and poor alike with her psychic ability; a sister who inherited her mother’s second sight, and his uncle, a Jewish gangster stock promoter, that survived a bomb that exploded under his bed the night before he was to testify in a headline grabbing trial. Rosen also evokes the signs of the times through his passion for sports, music, spirituality, and politics.  Music of his generation is woven into the narrative, bringing forth the memories for author and reader of where we were and what we were feeling at certain times in our lives.  

“There are many examples of Rosen’s ability as an evocative wordsmith, especially in his analysis of and connection to the music of his generation.”  

Foreword Clarion Reviews
Prevailing through his losses and stressing that you should never give up on your dream, because it’s who you are, he hopes to inspire readers to rediscover themselves and harness the joy that surrounds them every day. A testament to one of his major influences in his life, this book is dedicated to his mother, Alma Rose.

About the author: Owner of JamericanSpice. Sharing my journey in the present, from the past or thoughts for my future. Mom of two who loves to travel and read and decipher people.
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  1. This sounds like a very intense, thought provoking read for sure and possibly something that many people should take the time to look into.

    The author is right; in a time of complete chaos that is life, we've lost a lot of what makes like beautiful. I really love those tips that he recommends-I honestly couldn't have said that better myself!

  2. Wow, what a powerful Post ya got here girlfriend! That sounds like one hell of a book, and it sounds like many people's family's these days. Very informative & love your review. I just don't read books like that, but I know a few that do. I'll send them over to read this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This sounds like productive reading. I am sure I would enjoy this thoroughly.


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