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Meltdown on aisle seven - AF

I go to the store to buy cheese.
Back up. In my country, when I go to the store to buy cheese, there might be three options: new, one I've always bought, and one that I think I want to try. But here in America, I go to the store to buy cheese and I see a whole shelf with approximately 20 different type, style, packages etc of cheese to chose from and I just want to beat someone!

Cheese is Cheese!

An option of three is okay!

This makes me waste time in the store trying to read which is healthier, which is best for the budget, which will taste better, which one I should try, which one expires sooner, which one is mild, sharp, medium and what hell does all that mean!

O help me! It's cheese!

Yes I get an anxiety attack with having to choose from all these choices when I have to grocery shop!

I spend so much time having to make choices over one package of toilet paper, or oil, or soap, or omgm bleach! It's bleach!!! O help me!

Maybe that's why some men do not like to go grocery shopping.

So apparently by this statement below, I'm depressed. NO. I'm not depressed. I just need to beat someone or do taekwondo I'm just trying not to have a melt down spongebob style on aisle seven.

"The sheer number of options available—whether it's face cream, breakfast cereal, or appliances—can be overwhelming. That's not a problem for shoppers who pick the first thing that meets their needs, according to some psychologists. However, some people respond to choice overload by maximizing, or exhaustively reviewing their options in the search for the very best item. Research suggests that this coping style is linked to perfectionism and depression."

Do you struggle with the supermarket choice? 
Do you order online and pick up in store for regular groceries? Is that an option where you live?

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  1. This was me yesterday, I've been shopping at a small store with little choices, and yesterday I went to a HUGE store with TOO many choices and not enough time to decide. I believe in choice overload.:)

  2. Oh yes, sometimes I think I spent too much time making sure it is what I need, what I want and what is good for me. It is totally crazy that we have so many choices. I just want the store to set out the best choice, lowest sodium, lowest fat, etc. for their shoppers! Why can't they do that?

  3. J.S, I make a list and follow it. I am out of the grocery store in fifteen minutes. My list does have items for which I might want to change brands or types. And I do look at the new ones. But I don't spend much time deciding which to get.

    Your cheese comes in bottles? Those bottles look more like elixir to me. That picture would qualify you for the"Thursday Things in a Row" meme. I do both, things in a row AND questions with mine. Several do that.

  4. I love that we have choices because there are many things I like best that I can only locate in one store in my area, but at the same time it is frustrating to have way too many choices. Some are exactly like one another. I am busily checking the labels for sodium, carbs, natural ingredients and price. It is way too time consuming, but if we just stick to the outer aisles of the store and buy produce and items with only one or two ingredients we eliminate a lot of trash. But Colette, cheese definitely comes in too many types. lol Generally the lighter cheeses are healthier, then I check the sodium content.

  5. Shopping can be tricky. For the most part I knew precisely what I want to buy and that's the end, but if I'm changing my diet or spot something new then it may require more time. However, I like the variety of options we have. In fact, I complain often for the most part every store in our area carries the same thing and how I wish I could find something new to try.

    As for shopping online, I do buy from Amazon a lot and if I can get non-perishables in bulk to save us money, then I do. Our local stores with the exception of Sam's Club doesn't have the call ahead or order online for pickup option. This may appeal to me at some point, but for now I'd rather do it myself.

    Good questions!

  6. I use Stop & Shop's Peapod, where I order online and they deliver. Due to a disability, it is hard for me to actuallly grocery shop.

  7. Colette,
    You would not want to go to one of the newer bigger Publix supermarkets here in FL! We have one in my county that is similar to a Whole Foods set-up, and it has sooooo many choices! And they have a gourmet cheese section, where you can try pieces of the cheese!

  8. You are not kidding about the choices and decisions we have to make when going shopping. It's very overwhelming, especially when you have to kid in tow..

    I don't have the option to order online, and pick up in the store as far as groceries concerned. I don't know if I opt for this either since I like to know/touch/smell/feel what I buy!

  9. I usually have brands or specific items I want to buy in spite of the plethora of choices - though I have to admit, if something catches my eye, I'll spend an inordinate amount of time double checking my first choice. ;)

    Crazy Road Trip Vacation Plans

  10. There are not as many choices of cheese here where I live. For certain items where there are many brands to choose for I normally do my research online or based on friends recommendations/ current sales to decide on which item to purchase. Normally it doesn't take too long for me to decide. I don't buy things online as they sometimes don't come out the way that is shown in the picture.

  11. I wanted to share this with you, Collette! You may or may not know about it, but I didn't want you to miss out. =D

    Win $500 in Cash!

  12. Honestly, when we find something we like we tend to stick with it unless something looks SO amazing that we need to try it. The price has to be right or it will not happen. Two of the local stores now have delivery that is free if you spend over a certain amount. Not sure I would do this unless I have to. As much as I am not a fan of going to the store, there is something about picking out my own produce.

  13. Holy cow you are so right. I hate when all the choices are really for the same darn thing in a different wrap. Or when they mark the price per unit different (like per serving or per ounce) to mess with you. When you are in a hurry with kids it can really frustrate you-- to the point of just getting out of there without buying a darn thing.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I loathe shopping of any kind however when I shop I always have a very specific shopping list with me. We're also pretty dang set in our ways and buy the same products all the time. ;D My husband also does a lot of the shopping at the market. I'm a lucky lady!!

  15. When I'm trying to eat healthy I have trouble making food decisions because of all the choices. When I'm not eating healthy I just grab my favorites and dont give it any thought.

  16. Okay I was typing & it totally disappeared. WEIRD! Okay, here's the thing I'm on diet so I read everything I buy. Nope we can't order & pick up. I don't think I could shop like that.

  17. i must not be the best shopper... because normally i just grab what is familiar ;)

  18. I'm not sure if online ordering is an option here but I'm definitely going to find out. Since I always have the kids with me I try to grocery shop as quickly as possible.


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