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Summer Skin - Aloha!

What is your comfort level?

Are you donning a bikini, shorts set, tankini or overalls this summer?
Are you going to a pool or the beach?

If I could go to the beach, I'd be all over it. I can' believe this island girl live in a place with no beach! I want out!!

I must learn to swim and these pool memberships here are in the 'hell no' range for our budget.

Anyway I bought a little pool for the kids for the backyard. We'll have as much fun as we can when we don't have summer programs going on.

I feel good with the decision considering it cost me only $35 to get the little beauty. It better work or I'll throw down :)

Welcome to the Louisiana heat and humidity. It takes cajones to live here in summer! And trust me, fall comes late for us too!

Now I want this so we can play in our back yard...

in this..


What fun do you have planned?


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  1. Colette, you are so funny! I love that top. I want one for my summer fun with the many many little ones. You need something cool and light when you have hot little babies curling up on your lap. Maybe the sprinklers? I had a little Jack Russell Chihuahua that loved the sprinklers. He chased the water and tried to catch it in his mouth but someone stole my little buddy one cold winter morning when he was going potty.

  2. Hi Colette, aka J.S. ~~ A nice post today. If you get her and get tired of having her around, send her over here to visit here at Houston. :)

    Seriously, I know you and the kidos will have fun with that pool. Our kids had them and it was practically home for them and the neighbor kids.

    What will I do? Play golf in the mornings before it gets hot and stay in the A.C. in the afternoons.
    BTW, Mrs. Jim is from Alexandria, La.

  3. I haven't thought beyond our 2-week cross-country road trip for what we'll be doing the rest of the summer...guess I better start thinking about that, eh? ;)

    That is a cute Tankini - those are usually what I wear to hide my flaws... ;)

    Have a great weekend! :)

    Keeping Boredom at Bay

  4. Tankini for me, and we'll be at the pool and the beach bunches I hope!

  5. I think I have a touchy comfort level depending on where I am..I prefer short sets when in public area..

    Summer activities include going to the park, water park, running through the sprinkler, water balloons throwing, and just plain fun.

  6. Backyard pools are the best.
    As far as a swimsuit goes, I'm a tankini gal.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Bikini and I can't match up too well, so tankini or short sets are best.

    I have no plan yet for summer, but my son is going to swimming lessons for a few week after school is out.

  8. hi collette, I think I better go get some tankinis to cover the mommy tummy. it's not bad, but comparing to a once skinny person, it's very obnoxious. :-)
    we did the kiddie pools for T for a few years, but since we have her in the swimming classes now, she gets her fix that way.
    LA heat and cold and rain, and huricane - no thanks, been there, in the floods and hurricane watches, it's not great weather, but i do miss the culture.

  9. We just had our vacation at Key Lime Cove (I'm working on that Post, but it was so much fun there we may be going back soon. It has everything and anything you want right there. Just too much fun. The only thing hubby doesn't like about it is he has to smoke outside. Easily fixed I says QUIT! lol

  10. Hi Colette! I'm a tankini fan myself :-)

    We are headed to Seattle the end of the month to visit son & wife, can hardly wait!! Daughter, husband and their 7 month old will be joining us, first flight for baby ♥

    Thanks for stopping in and commenting ~ Your trip looks to have been awesome! Lots of gorgeous views.

  11. Tankini.. I would like a bikini but I still have to work getting rid of the baby fats and spare tire first.

  12. My vote is the tankini top which seems to be pretty popular. I usually just wear a pair of shorts with it and I'm good to go :)

    Have a happy Sunday!

  13. I'm not a beach or pool person, but if I were then for the most part I would wear a one-piece. However, once I get these extra pounds shed, then I'm gonna sport a bikini just for the fun of it. Hey, I'm not getting any younger and I'd better do it now before I'm too old. lol


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