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Are Family Dinners Good For Your Teens?

I was reading this article saying that your teen, sitting down and having dinner with you, doesn't really change the effects of them being on drugs and using alcohol.

I admit. I scoffed.

This is what you use money to research?

I think families should sit and eat together. It's good for everyone in the family and it encourages communication and bonding and a host of other things that works with the dynamics of a family unit. I see all good in something like this.

As to the part about if it helps the teen or not? Yes it does. At least to me. If my teen is at my table eating with me and we are talking and joking and bonding and being a family, surely they are aren't out on the streets doing or pushing drugs or getting involved in things they would likely be pressured into.

The fact that we have this time as a family, might open the door for my teen to talk to me about something they can't deal with, or a threat that they don't know how to get out of...etc.

I see families in the same house and no one knows anything about the other. How is that? We have to take the time to have strong relationships with our family members. We have to make it our business to get involved.  Helping your kids with activities and homework and just having regular fun, will get you in the center where it matters and then the heart will warm towards each other.

Whatever the research says: (Because you know how they LOVE to one up each other with research results) It is good for families to dine together and very often too. Not just once a week or on National Eat with your family day. That's just bull.

Parents need to take the reins and be the leaders in their families and stop letting research and government departments lead their family unit. Nothing good can come from the government being more involved in your lives than necessary.  Plus you have to pay them to be involved!

Do you have family meals together?
How often?

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  1. I read some articles that said the opposite. I don't believe a lot of things I read until I verify, verify, verify, and I want to see some heavy weights weighing in on the paper. For example if I write a research paper, I will not use a common magazine for a source. A good relationship with parents make a world of difference in the decision the child makes. Follow your instincts. I am sure you have good ones. :-)

  2. family meals ARE a help... love communication that happens when you take the time to be together.


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