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Camping Is Fun - Out and About!

The kids are having a blast.

I have things happening for them and I ensure we have normal downtime too so they enjoy just having a fun summer.

While scheduling all the summer activities, I ensured that each activity would run smoothly, so that schedules wouldn't conflict. So far June is working out great and I will begin working on July soon.

One of our summer activity is the Leapfrog Summer Camp!

Camping Is Fun - Out and About! ~ JamericanSpice - LA Blog
When I hear; "mommmyyyy I don't know what to do!" I whip out the puzzles and online learning games. Oh yes they LOVE to be on the computer and they think they are playing but they are secretly learning and I'm laughing silently in the corner.

We are at Leapfrog Summer camp in the afternoons and the kids get to do all sort of fun things.

Each week leapfrog sends out an email with kid-friendly activities to do.

They especially love the online games and printable puzzles and worksheets.

I love that they have the leapfrog summer camp, because not only are they physically learning in their sport activities, they also have something for the mind too so that classroom work is not forgotten entirely.

If you think that learning should always be in season, you’re right! Studies have shown that when students return to school after a long summer vacation, they've lost about one month’s worth of learning.
LeapFrog Summer Camp is designed to keep the learning going all summer long through exciting weekly themes and free, do-anywhere learning activities that explore geography, writing, science, art and more. Sign up to receive a Summer Camp email every other week.
The theme we choose was; "Out and About - Neighborhood Passport"
It's perfect because we have stuff to do around the neighborhood and our town. The kids get to be involved actively instead of just driving by, while we are going somewhere.

Help your camper get to know their immediate surroundings—it's the first step into social studies. Once they learn their neighborhood, they'll be ready to learn about the larger community. Eventually, they'll learn to connect and compare their own experiences and places to others.
This week, campers will explore places in their neighborhood and community and think about the roles various people play (mail carrier, police officer, salesperson, librarian, and so on). Learning about the people and places in our world helps children to become global citizens.

Both kids loved discussing the various places and it's great to see the connections from what could have been considered every day mundane.

My son's friend visits him so they can play and ride bikes together and hang out. We discussed about being neighbors and safety around the neighborhood and always ensuring that a parent knows where you are at all times etc.

We have to visit the store each week for groceries. Lately my kids want to help with the list and it's great because they understand more about being responsible and that we have to shop wisely on our budget.
They also wonders how big the store is and if they have 'EVERYTHING" :)
Walmart Supercenter will do that to a kid right.

They have to go to school each day for a one hour program. So they timed the route to get to school. We talked about the stages of schooling and the importance of getting a good education and what it was like many years ago before schools actually had buildings!

And dancing. My daughter is doing her ballet and of course we must discuss all things dance worthy.
My son isn't into all the cutesy, girly things, but I think he is proud of his sister. I told him she loves dancing just as much as he loves soccer.
We discuss being new at something and how they might feel awkward, but it's always good to keep trying and soon you become more practiced and confident.
She LOVES her ballet class and I'm not sure how we are going to get her to stop for school in August :)
The neighborhood passport is ongoing and fits very well into our family.

Visit Leapfrog to learn more about all these exciting activities going on for summer!

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