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Delicious Dew

When I was a child I used to love going outside in the fresh morning and being able to walk on the fresh dew or shake the trees and shiver delightfully as it would rain down on me, or sometimes, drinking the dew off leaves.

I didn't see any danger and the water did taste very good. Haha, now as an adult I can see in my mind's eye all sorts of reasons why you shouldn't do this :)  That is why freedom comes with true innocence.

Of course in the girls home/orphanage I hated waking up so early at 5am in the mornings to go feed and get the goats/cows tied out to pasture, but I did enjoy the coming back.

That is where I'd dance around like a free fairy in the grass and climb trees and enjoy fresh fruits, before I had to return to do manual labor which would ensure my morning meal.

I still have these precious memories that makes me smile despite whatever else was going on.

And it's all about the dew. Such a simple and yet delightful thing.

1. Did you/ Do you do anything special with the dew?
2. Did you have to handle animals as a child?


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  1. I never did... but I know we used to enjoy the honeysuckles! :)

  2. Hi Colette ~~ I used to like the taste of the innards of the honeysuckle. Now as an adult I can never find any.

    I enjoy looking at the dew drops and making tracks in the newly dewed grass on the golf coure.

    Yes, I had a faithful dog. He even bit my cousin one day when the big kids were playing rough with me and chasing me.

    I also had to hold the pigs while my dad would mark their ears.

  3. It was fun although the memories are sometimes better than they really are in reality, but in those days with limited options, anything was great fun.
    No, thank god. The animals back then were different, and I don't think as a very young kid, I would know what to do with them.

  4. These days I love to take photos of the dew on flowers and leaves. Always grew up with pet birds and would always take them out to play.

  5. Ahhhh, the freedom and joys of a child's mind! Love that you used to dance in the dewy grass like a free fairy! :)

    We had dogs, chickens and rabbits - it was us kids' responsibility to take care of them. :)

    Viva Las Vegas… or The Biggest Little City in the World – Reno?

  6. I haven't anything with dew. Regarding animals we used to have a dog when I was young but only for a brief while so haven't really been handling any animals.

  7. I cannot remember anything in particular with dew. WE did have pets growing up mainly dogs :)

  8. Ahhh... to be a kid again...

    I didn't do anything with dew. We are dog lovers, so we always had one or two growing up.

  9. Both my husband and I enjoy photographing the dew when we're out and about.
    I always had dogs as a child and when my kids were growing up we had every pet under the sun including reptiles, birds, dogs, cats and farm animals. ;)

  10. Hi Collete,
    I don't have any memory with the dew, but I have memory of going to beach, looking at the ocean, watching the waves, feeling the sand in my hands and on my feet after a long day of school, and hard work in the orphanage. It saves me in the a way as I always dreamed of going to the beach to escape the torment!


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