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Five Weeks Of Music And #Giveaways - Come Play With Us!

Our Monday's Music Moves Me Celebration Giveaways - 4Ms is open to everyone! Come share your kind of music for five weeks with us and enter for a chance to win!

We share our music every Monday and party hop to each others blog. All hosts will visit your blog no matter how late!

Come see if you like the music party. It sure makes Mondays better! And also enter for your chance to win some great prizes!

You don't have to be a regular participant to enter. Just play along with us for the next five weeks to be eligible to win! If you love the music and blog hopping, then stay with us awhile.

ONLY FIVE MONDAYS of Music! I know you love music. You know you want us to visit your blog, so come on and share and LINK up with us!

1. Grab the button so you can remember to come participate each Monday
2. Post a video/music from you or from youtube of your favorite music.
3. Link up your blog post with us so we can visit and leave comments. (Just schedule your posts and add the linky later)
4. Visit others and comment, or share, or follow, just enjoy the wide variety of musical tastes.

Now have fun with it!

OH and share with your blog friends too! The more the merrier!

Have a blast jiggling in your seat, or standing and moving to the beat!
Ignore the last line and just party with us!

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  1. I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE! lol sorry! The devil made me do it! I couldn't think of anything else to say. I'm as bad as these politics commercials. Thank you girlfriend you did a much better job then did that's for sure. I'm gonna tweet this for sure. hugs.

  2. I can't believe it's the 95th week already! Those past few weeks have gone by so fast o.O

    These next few weeks should be fun!!


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