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I tend to go into the books I read. I'm apart of it.
Caught up.
Sometimes I even fancy the language and start to speak just like they do.

When the book is done...I feel sad..
I miss the world.
I miss the characters I've come to know.

I need time to grieve.

Yes I do love to read.
Of course not all books are like that, but...

Do you read often?
Have you been drawn in to where you miss your characters after the book is finished?


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  1. That doesn't happen to me too much, but a few times they've stayed with me. But if I really like a book, I find it hard to start over with a new story I don't yet care about.

  2. Most of my reading is confined to blogs these days, but when I use to read books years ago I did miss the characters once I was through the story. I never had the desire to re-read a book. My daughters could read & re-read the same books over and over again.

  3. I love to read and cry at pretty much all Nicholas Sparks ( and Jodi Picoult) books.. but I do not get that involved in them... but they do hit that soft spot in my heart

  4. A good movie or book grabs me and lures me. I also miss the characters after it is over and hate when the ending left me hanging - crave that happily ever after.

  5. I try to read as often as time allows and fortunately ebooks have made that easier.

    Like you I often get so involved with the characters I read about that I do miss them when the story ends. It's almost like saying good bye to a friend.

  6. I don't read books, just online articles and stuff that I want learn. I get caught up with characters on a show that I am watching. I watch while I blog, Netflix is great!

  7. I am definitely a bookworm - though I haven't as many chances to immerse myself in a good book since the kids came along... ;) You sound just like me! I definitely take on the language/accent of the book I'm reading - and need time to grieve when finished with a book or series. :)

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  8. My kind of question!! YES!! I do read and a lot. My blog is strictly a book blog with reviews of every book I read, guest authors visiting and a lot of book giveaways. I have been an avid reader my whole life and, especially if it is a great book, I become part of the story to the point I do not know what is going on around me. Sometimes, my family will try talking to me while I'm reading and I am so engrossed, I don't even hear themn until about the 3rd time they try to get my attention. I read approx 6-8 books/month. I'm not a TV person, would rather read and no matter where I am, my book is with me. Sorry for the lengthy response but reading is my passion.

  9. I used to read romance novels, and got caught up in the characters and their situation too. I went into a withdrawn for a while before picking up another book.

    Now all I have time to read is all about parenting, and health issues.

  10. I love a good book and definitely get stuck with the characters. I find it hard to move on right away until I care enough about the new book to break it off with the old characters.

  11. Since we got our Kindle and phones I have been reading a lot more. Yes, I definitely sit there and sulk about missing characters that I really like in a series that I have been reading for a while. Certainly felt that way with Harry Potter.

  12. YES!!!!! I love to read!! I carry my Kindle around so if I have a few minutes I am reading!! That is when you know you read a really good book... you think about the characters down the road!!

  13. That has happened to me too. It's kind of cool.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I read a lot on the plane during my down-time. There are a few books that I didn't want to end!

  15. I so rarely have time to read these days, but when I do, yes, I get lost in them and feel bereft when they're over. I only pick good ones though. :D

  16. I love to read! I sometimes miss characters...but mostly characters that are in multiple books!

  17. Oh Callie, truer words have never been spoken! I'm an avid book reader and lover (although I haven't read a book in a good long while), and yes, when I reach the end I get sad and I, too, mourn the loss of the world and characters.

    You're definitely not the only one :)


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