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Securely Trusting - AF

We need a password for everything these days. Which leads me to the question/s:

1. Does your spouse/SO share their passwords with you and do you share with them?
2. Do you have a universal password or do you have unique ones for everything? If so, how do you remember them all?


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  1. My DH knows most of my passwords or at least on the sites we commonly share.

    I have several passwords. At times, it's rather tricky to remember them, but I've gotten to the point to where I have to jot them down someplace secure to help me remember. I would love to keep it universal, but I know this isn't the best thing to do for security reasons.

    Fiddle Faddle!

  2. All my passwords are different, but I don't share them with anyone!

  3. I have a few different passwords for different places, but mostly they're the same few for specific things if that makes sense.

    I usually don't share with anyone unless absolutely necessary either.

  4. My hubby knows one of them & that's our bank. The other things - they're all different, and I don't know why I just know them, but I do have them wrote down just in case hubby needs them and he writes his down too.

  5. My husband and I know each other's pws since we have different ones for different sites. We both have a little notebook, at our computer desks that have all the sites and what the pw is.

  6. My husband and I know eachothers passwords. The important ones anyway. All of them are different. We use RoboForm or our memory.

  7. I hate when they get picky about what has to be in a password. Nothing screws me up more than that.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I dont have a spouse and I dont know what any of my friend's passwords are. I have a few passwords that I use but I definitely don't have just one for everywhere!

  9. We share everything in fact our passwords are the same. ;)

  10. I use the same one for a couple of things...but I have so many social media sites that I had to start thinking up new ones!! LOL
    Husband knows our banking, and my blogger one....but we also keep them all in a program Password Safe so that a) if we forget one, we can look it up, b) if the other person requires access for some reason. other than that, I don't share passwords with anyone.
    but it is kinda crazy how many I have.

  11. I have my hubby's passwords and if he needs mine he'll ask. I also have a "set" few that I use :)

  12. My husband and I know each others passwords. I have the same one for most things but change them occasionally.


  13. We do share some passwords but overall, we know each others for nearly everything.

    sorry I'm late, been away since it was a long weekend in Canada :)


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