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Discipline: To Do Or Not To Do

Parenting is hard work and dedication. Sometimes you get to have fun and see wonderful blessings. Other times you want to run screaming down the road while pulling your hair out.

I admit sometimes I fall on my knees crying or praying or both..or cussing, but make no mistake about it, after I have my moment, my kids will have theirs too.

I know that if I let this one thing go when it comes to discipline, I'll get railroaded and wiped out sooner than I could think!

So I will give myself a time out and I will go to my corner and I'll bawl and I'll scream at God and I'll ask for his help, but I'll also fortify to be consistent with discipline and love.
Why do some kids seem to obey rules more readily than others? Personality may have something to do with it, but it's likely that the more obedient child has been disciplined more consistently. Having consistent rules — and enforcing them regularly — sends the message about what kind of behavior you expect. A child is less likely to test firm limits than "mushy" ones that change day to day.UQ

You have to fortify yourself on how you want to raise your child. It really doesn't happen by accident, nor is it a tea party.
You can even plan ahead for situations and think about how you'd handle them, so that if and when they do happen, you smile, because you knew it might come and you are prepared. I've had a few of these happen already.  It's like a triumph!

Your children need your help to be productive members of society, which means they need guidance which they cannot provide for themselves.
Get in there and get it done!
It's your challenge. It's your love. Make it count and reap the rewards of children who will make you proud.

How do you discipline your children - Are you consistent? Or just blow it off as kids stuff?
Are you afraid to be the 'bad' guy?
Do you have the support you need with discipline?
Share your thoughts with me.


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  1. I was very consistent with discipline. I'm a stubborn person, so I could easily outlast them. Consistency was never a problem for me lol.

  2. You could not have said it better Colette! I know of instances where parents failed to take a stand and have lived to regret as their children became out of control. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. We were consistent and it paid off in spades :)
    Hang in there!!!

  4. Being a single parent was even tougher especially have four children two at let's say 13 and 10, and then a gap down to 3 and 2. I was working four jobs (all part time because I couldn't find one full time job back then). My oldest daughter I could've never done it without her. She was like a little Mommy. I can count on one hand how many times I disciplined her, but my biggest problem was tough love. oooooooooooooo Lordy I was no good at that. My discipline was mostly "GO TO BED" or "YOUR GROUNDED"! Only thing is who suffered more the child or the parent when you grounded them especially when there was so many! Fortunately most of my kids were good most of the time except there's always the black sheep and he drove me nuts! Wait til' you have kids I use to say! ~snicker~ There turn has come~~~~!!! NaNee spoils them and sends them home! Woo Hoo!~

  5. We are consistent. I'm a parent, not their friend, so I don't mind being the bad guy when necessary.

  6. As a Mom of now adult sons, that I am so proud of because of the men they are (28 & 26), my advice would be:
    1. Be consistent
    2. Have lots of structure and stick to it.
    3. When it comes to discipline, the same, structured and consistent. (I am sorry if this turns out to be a lengthy answer.) We took our boys out to restaurants at young ages. If one started acting up, one warning, "if you continue this behavior, we will have to wait in the car". After the 2nd time we sat in the car waiting for my husband and other son to finish eating, the next trip to a restaurant was enjoyable for the 4 of us because they understood the consequences.
    Hang in there. Believe me, it is all worth it

  7. both marc and i both are the "bad guys"
    we don't do it to be mean, but we do it for the best interest of broxton and the boys... the older ones know it, slowly but surely... broxton will learn it.

  8. I am definitely not afraid to be the bad guy. I think so many kids lack discipline these days and I don't want my kid to be a disrespectful brat!!

  9. I certainly seem to play the bad cop at home since I am with the boys more. Hubby supports and backs things up. Consistency is key, but also learning what battles to let go are huge as well.

  10. You're right- there can be a thin line and you have to know when to shake stuff off. My kids are grown now and I must say that I never resorted to spanking and I am thrilled about the way they have turned out.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I do discipline. I did my children and I also do it with my grandchildren although not near as many time outs as with my kids. hehe

  12. find a happy medium and stay there there is such a thing as being happy with discipline styles that way they learn what is wrong and right and yet parents do not have to go to extremes the mid point is the best in my opinion

  13. Unfortunately this question isn't for me, but I'm just stopping by to wish you a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend :)

  14. My kids are now in their 30's and were raised in a different time. All I had to do was snap my fingers or give them a certain look.

  15. HA! Sometimes I have to put myself in a time out when I start to get frustrated... but yes, I am consistent with discipline - that's definitely necessary. And it seems like I'm the one that has to be the bad cop all the time (mostly because I'm the one dealing with the kids 90% of the time). :) Princess Nagger is much better behaved and needs way less discipline that Little Dude, but considering he didn't get taught right from wrong before he came to us, we have an uphill battle. At least since he's only 4, there's hope for the boy! Hopefully there's hope for my sanity along the way. ;)

    Spontaneous Comedic Moments

  16. Hi J.S. ~~ Very interesting situations you have posed. Yes, I was pretty consistent and fairly harsh. But my five kids are wonderful citizens and like you said, they know how a good citizen should be.

    I also think if you can instill the desire to please the parent that will go a long way in their behavior. We pretty well had and still have that in our kids. Of course we try to please them as well.

    That meant they were all spoiled to some extent. So are the grandkids.

  17. Wonderful topic, and beautifully said.

    1) my husband does the discipline when he is home, and I do mine when he isn't. So we're both bad guys..

    2) I like to be consistent and firm especially when it comes to daily routines/chores.

  18. We are not consistently bad or good. We are the happy medium people and we try to remember that in everything that we do.
    Just as there are kids who don't behave as well because of consistently rigid rules, we try to assess the little things that are "really" little and not to sweat about it.


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