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#Giveaway: Music CD and Handmade Jewelry - Music #Giveaway Gala

If you've been hanging out with us in our music hop on Mondays, you know how exciting it is to find new and fun music that you take a liking to, and want added to your ipod, or just to rock out at home or in the car.

Everyone has different music tastes and I love the mix of people we have playing with us each Monday. I hope you will come share your flavour of music too and enter to win in these fabulous giveaways going on in our Music Giveaway Gala!

Let's introduce The Designated Riders. They are a flavor to soothe, any way you want and at anytime. Isn't that the way with music? You can find something for whatever mood you are in!

The Designated Riders Rock & Blues Band: Our combination of influences, talents, and styles make a one-of-a -kind show! Hop in and let's ride!  
Summertime is here an it's a HOT one! Come chill with us at our Further Destinations! Nothing's better than some good Classic Rock and Blues music to beat those nasty old Summertime blues! We're COOKING and we're BOOKING 'cause we want to party with YOU! 
Can you believe he has a red guitar! Red is my fave color and I've been wanting a guitar for all my life! I will get one!

You can learn more about the band on their website and even listen to some of their hits while visiting! And enter below to win one of their CDs!
Giveaway: Win one Designated Riders CD

And introducing The Eclectic Element: Handcrafted. This is the place for custom jewelry! I love the idea of having someone make something for me that is unique and reflects my personality.
All of my pieces are constructed with love and care, along with 90% upcycled materials {even components of my packaging are upcycled and recycled} and tested for long lasting durability.  
Each piece is OOAK unless otherwise requested; With the materials I use, it's hard to duplicate things since everything is so unique to begin with!
A few of my favorite pieces:
Take a Little Time Blue and Clear Beaded Two Stranded Silver Tone "Dream" Charm Bracelet Hugs & Kisses XO Red and Clear Beaded Dangle Earrings
Just look at the colors! Ooh so delicate and perfect for me!
And you too. You can win your own custom made jewelry from The Eclectic Element: Handcrafted!

Music and jewelry! They go well together doncha think?
Come on! Go enter below. It's easy and you can use it for yourself or a beautiful gift for someone else. 
Yellow, Orange, and Red Gold Tone Chain Dangle Earrings
Giveaway: Custom Inspirational Beaded Bracelet with Charm! 

Don't miss out on the over exciting giveaways going on in our music gala!

Don't forget to enter these other giveaways: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. OH MY YOU MAKE IT SOUND SO GREAT I WANT TO ENTER! CAN I ENTER PLEASE????? Oh wait, I hear that stuff all the time in fact every Sunday at practice & every gig! TIME TO ROCK PEOPLE! And that jewelery would look stunning on me at one of their gigs! OH NO wait... it's just for members Callie we're Conductors Baby! It's okay... no cry! sniff -- sniff... Our day will come! DIDN'T SHE DO A FABULOUS JOB FOLKS! HEY WAIT - YOU DID BETTER THAN ME & I'M MARRIED TO ONE OF EM'! LOL HURRY & ENTER! GREAT JOB CALLIE!!! GREAT JOB!

  2. Oh WOW Callie...You did an amazing job with this post! I feel quite special being showcased ^.^

    Thank you for the shout out! Like Dolly said, it looks so good I wish I could enter. Hehe!

    Good luck everyone!

  3. Way to go Callie - you have to teach me how to put the PIN IT button on a Post. THANKS A BUNCH HUN! SORRY I'M LATE POSTING TONIGHT I got in late from a wild picnic. You'll see on my Post. Gonna post more pics Wednesday prob. hugs. Did ja miss me?????

  4. Just discovered this, it's been fun looking thru the posts & discovering the different kinds of music!!! Thanks for the chance....

  5. Great way to showcase all our amazing prizes for the GGG.
    Thanks for all your hard work on the giveaway. I am sure Marie really appreciated it. Hope you have a terrific week


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