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Sunday's Adventure

Today I bravely took an adventure and went to a new church.
I've been there before but only the past week. They held a worship arts camp for the kids and it was wonderful!

The worship and message was good and sobering.  The speak is good so you can apply.

My kids loved the children section too and want to go back.

It's nice to visit, but I do not intend to leave my church.  But I like the adventure of being able to do something different.  And it's a good adventure too.

I also notice that I didn't feel uncomfortable or nervous as I used to be. Maybe there is another change happening in my life.

It's a good feeling.  Subtle but good.

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  1. I go to different churches every once in awhile too (usually on an invite or if I'm out of town). It's refreshing sometimes to hear a new perspective. :) Glad you had a good Sunday!

  2. I love that quote, and it's good that the children see the change too so they can make up their own minds what really makes them understand and feel good within.

  3. I love that you felt comfortable exploring it says a lot about the Church and it helps you with your steps to branch out :)

  4. Change can definitely be good and exciting! I'm glad you enjoyed your adventure :)

  5. so glad you had a great adventure...
    that quote is awesome... thanks for sharing


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