Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. Cyril Connolly (1903 - 1974)


The Original You

Somewhat true..
I mean really. Do you want to be a copy of someone else?  Aren't you happy with you? I mostly am, but the other parts make me hide away. However I'm coming into my own. We all are on that journey right?

And while it's good to be true to yourself. I think in each of us, there are things we need to change to become the best of ourselves.

Otherwise, we shouldn't hide away to please others or try to fit into a mold. We are all unique with gifts to share.

About the author: Owner of JamericanSpice. Sharing my journey in the present, from the past or thoughts for my future. Mom of two who loves to travel and read and decipher people. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. I totally agree with you my cyber sister! I always grew up with that mindset to be my own person. I didn't understand why a person would try to be anything else.

    I also believe that if you're real, then you attract real people into your life instead of fake wannabes.

    It just makes sense :)


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