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A vacation is what the mother needs

I do not get a vacation.

I'm with my children, every day, all day, 24-7s and I even check on them multiple times a night when they sleep!

I love them.
I do not mind having this hands on mother-kids-love time with them, but I need time alone and not just time when they are asleep or at school.

When we do go on vacation, I'm just a nanny tag-a-long. My husband gets out and have all the fun, I sit around taking care of kids as I do when I'm at home. What's the difference?
By the time I get home, I want a vacation from the vacation! I actually don't look forward to vacations anymore.

One day, I crave this, I want to be away for a week, either by myself or with a friend. At a beach or anywhere, but just away, alone.

This place looks wonderful. I just want my feet in the water.

But even just being here with a book and room service for a week would be just as wonderful, if not even better!

One day.

Do you get to have alone time as a parent? Time to do things you want to do or nothing at all?


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  1. I hope one day you WILL be able to get away and have some time to yourself Callie-no matter what anyone says, having some alone time is very important in life!

  2. Like Kayla, I hope you can find the time to get a vacation. No matter how much you love your children a break is good. It will refresh both your mind and body.

  3. Yes, J.S, you definitely get to get away if things are always like this. Can you tell that you need to go to the library one evening and will he take care of the kids.

    Oh yes, be sure to bring home some library books you have checked out. LOL

    Jim's Little Blog; Thursday Two Questions (posts)

  4. I got a lone time this week! It is incredible, but busy still as always. It's maddening that there are still so many things that I wanted to do this week and only able to complete a few.

  5. We parented together. I was a stay at home mother for the most part, I did have some part time jobs and on occasion I worked full time when needed but as my husband's career grew and our finances stabilized I was able to stay home but neither of us took alone vacations. Now, our children are pretty much on their own, they live away from home attending school and we do help financially but for the most part they are raised, doing beautifully, my very,very long point, we both now have plenty of alone time and I do enjoy it,especially knowing my children are doing great :) Hang in there, you will have time to yourself!!!! Until then, steal the little moments at night time and school time!! Oh, and maybe,once in a while a hot bath, but typically those got interrupted,well at least my little urchins had no boundaries with the tub soaking mother LOL

  6. During the Summer it has been much harder. Right now my son is happily ensconced in his room and I am happily ensconced at my desk so it is almost like being alone but I am still on high alert. A friend of mine and I plan some getaway time after school starts. THANK GAWD!! :~)

    This is my first time at Aloha Friday - find my question here.

  7. Oh I so remember those days. My husband and I didn't take our "alone vacation" until my oldest son was 18 years old. However now that my sons are 28 & 26, I look at them and wonder where the time went and would love to go back when they were young and had those family vacations. Enjoy now because it goes by way too fast.

  8. No sick days and no vacations - which doesn't seem fair, does it? Last weekend was the first weekend in 9 years that I got away by myself with no hubby and no kids - though I have to admit I did miss them while I was gone. :)

    Night-Owls vs. Morning People

  9. It gets better- as far as time alone goes. On the downside, you'll miss them and all of the action.

    Have a great Aloha Friday!

  10. You are so sweet! :) I am so glad you came by today and that I came back to Aloha Friday. It has been crazy busy and had to give it up for awhile.

    I do get some alone time now that the kids are in school all day. I also will be starting a new job in September at the community college so I will have more time. I also need my workout time!!!

  11. I hope you will get that totally ALONE time soon, since having a child, I can see that is what I am doing even when we're on vacation..

    I share your feeling of being a nanny, and needing a vacation after a vacation :-)

    Thanks for visiting..

  12. you and i have talked about this before...
    i know how you feel :)

  13. Nope, no alone time here. My husband and I just had this very conversation tonight, and he laughed at me when I told him I never get free time. Phffftttttt.

    I'd love down time...alone time...just for me time, and like you said, don't get me wrong I love, love, love being with my kids. It'd just be nice to get to go somewhere alone with nothing but relaxation and me-time on the agenda. Just once every five years or so would even be good, lol. :)


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