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Carmex Fun In The Sun Sticks #Giveaway

I always try to protect my lips as best as I can and so I wear lip balm all the time. I prefer my lips soft and moisturized than dry and cracking. But then again, who doesn't, right?

I love a little flavor in the lip balm/gloss too. I usually always choose strawberry.

Pomegranate is also another flavor I accidentally came to love after using it in a bath wash the first time. Then I wanted the lotion and scrub and everything pomegranate.

So it has been quite fun trying out the Carmex NEW Pomegranate flavor.  It does what it's supposed to do. Moisturize and with a yummy flavor.  You will probably love it too!

Carmex sticks are made with an ultra-moisturizing formula and SPF 15 Water Resistant Sunscreen.

I'm especially happy about the SPF. Every part of our bodies need protection from too much of the sun!

The Carmex Sticks are available in six different flavors:

  • Original
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Lime Twist
  • Pomegranate

I do like the other flavors except original and Lime Twist. I'm not using them now as I'm still completely sticking to my pomegranate, but I have them stashed around the house and car, just in case I can't find one or I'm in a rush :)
And I'm sharing with my daughter.

Carmex also want to give one you a kit just like mine. You'll get the all the Carmex Sticks and a beach bag just like I did.

Enter easy below in the RC form.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was contacted by Carmex to review these products, but all opinions on my review are mine.

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  1. I love the cherry carmex,but wouldnt mind any other kind if I were to win. Thank you for the chance,
    Danita Vojta

  2. I absolutely LOVE Carmex and so does the little one that I babysit. She's only 19 months old and makes off with mine when I'm not watching closely. LOL

  3. strawberry stick is what I love...

  4. I have all of these but I wear most stuff like Carmex (lip protector stuff)

    The Rafflecopter calls me 'Margot' since it is accessing my facebook where I am 'Margot Core'; the Rafflecopter connects to this email: annazed10 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  5. I always wear Carmex!

  6. I usually use chapstick. I used to be a gloss girl, but I just don't see the practicality in that anymore.

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  7. I wear lip balm with gloss over it.

  8. vaseline debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  9. I wear lip gloss.

  10. i wear chapstick and lip gloss

  11. I wear all of them...i like using Carmex™ under my lipsticks Debbi Zakrajsek

  12. I have chapped lips alot so i love carmex

  13. I wear all of them...i like using Carmex™ under my lipsticks Debbi Zakrajsek

  14. I wear all of them...i like using Carmex™ under my lipsticks Debbi Zakrajsek

  15. I wear all of them...i like using Carmex™ under my lipsticks Debbi Zakrajsek

  16. I wear Vaseline or lip balm. Lip stick is only for special occasions about once to twice a month

  17. I usually use lip gloss or lip stick.
    Thank you for the giveaway!! =)

  18. I absolutely love original Carmex, however, trying the other flavors would be a real treat as well!

  19. i wear lipgloss, lipstick, and vaseline haha:D

  20. I just wear lip balm.
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  21. I wear them all depending on the day, what I'm wearing and where I'm at. Most often I wear lip balm.

  22. Thin lips so buying lipstick is kind of a waste. But I wear a lot of carmex and lip balms. Would love flavored carmex!!

  23. Jennifer Boehme
    I wear all 3, just depends on what I'm in the mood for.

  24. I wear all 3! Depends on the day :)

  25. I wear lipgloss, lipstick, and vaseline!!

  26. Thanks for sharing your review with your readers. Glad to hear you love the new pomegranate flavor!

    Congratulations to the winner of the giveaway and thanks to everyone who participated.

    The Carmex Team


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