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Casually Bold and Beautiful Fresh Produce

It is summer and we all want to find those darling pieces of clothing in our wardrobe that can be worn everywhere and with anything.

We also want clothing that brings out our personality and just makes us feel that extra oomph even if we weren't really feeling great in our spirit.

I love clothing with beautiful colors that reminds me of my Caribbean country, and that expresses my spirit and style.

I was reading this book - Color me beautiful - about how color represent you as a person and that each individual has their own color pattern that makes a huge difference in our daily interactions with ourselves and others.  I think it's a great idea and might definitely be true. I'm in love with red. Is it my color? You tell me :)

This is why I adore Fresh Produce! They have such great quality clothing and everything about them, reminds me of being in the Caribbean.  The colors are so bold and beautiful and the material is soft and comfortable.
Another wonderful thing is that 80% of their clothing are made right here in the U.S.A! I love that! I wish more companies had this kind of commitment.

If I had the money to shop. Fresh Produce casual clothing would definitely be my go-to place!

I had the chance to try Stretch Broadcloth Safari Roll Up Pants and I choose a bold color that I have not worn before. I figured I'd love it.  I've always loved the color but was afraid to wear it.
I love my pants and I'm not just saying that to please y'all. I just do. It's comfortable and I can really match it with many different tops. It also represents my bold summer wardrobe. I love that I felt adventurous enough to try a new color.

I can dress up or down with a stiletto or sneakers and away I go!

The stretch broadcloth safari roll up pants is versatile. You wear it like a normal pants or rolled up like capri pants. Don't you just love a two in one?

It is such a fun and cool pants and I'm satisfied that I made this choice.
The Stretch Broadcloth Safari Roll-Up Pant combines versatility with comfort, making it an easy go-to item for your activities. Roll up to clamdigger length. 97% cotton, 3% spandex, zip fly and button closure, drawstring waist with belt loops, front and back pockets, roll-up pant with button-tab 
There are so many choices in their store and some of my favorite pieces are:

and while I adore the women's sun dresses, the dress below is perfect for any wardrobe!

And tell me you don't want to be in sandals and shorts and a cute top with this necklace?

Inspired by the carefree days of summer, Fresh Produce Clothing is made especially to fit you and your lifestyle. Sun-drenched colors. Fresh, effortless styles with an upbeat spirit. Breezy dresses, must-have capris, artful tunics...light up the room with us. Over 80% of our clothes are proudly made in the U.S.

Learn more about this wonderful company at Fresh, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Their clothes look really nice but I must admit the name through me off, I thought you were switching from clothes to food there for a moment LOL. Those double duty pants are cool :)

  2. Rock those pants girl! That color is awesome! (Love the double usage as well!)

  3. Colette, I am pretty sure you are a winter. I would have to see you in person to know for sure. If you look good in navy blue, winter white, and red, you are then you would be able to go for some vivid colors and wear them well.

    I like those pants, so versatile. I love turquoise and it is one of the colors you can wear with a darker or lighter shade and if you pick the right shade, it won't clash - not like red. :-)

  4. Those pants are so CUTE! And they look so very comfortable. I've seen a lot of Fresh Produce clothing reviews and I'm definitely a fan of their products :)


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