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Classroom Relationships

Apparently the school shuffles the kids and so all the kids you knew in Kindergarten, you wont see in first grade and so on and so on.

It's a major bummer because kids grow attached and while it's nice to be able to make new friends, not all kids are social like that.

So they did the same shuffling of kids and now my son doesn't have any of his friends from first grade in his new 2nd grade class.

He tells me yesterday that he doesn't have anyone to play with. I feel sad for my boy. We had a talk about meeting you new people and making new friends, walking up to someone and just asking a question or just sharing something etc, but really what's the point if the school is just going to keep shuffling kinds around in a few more months.

Seems like this is unnecessary psychological stress for little kids.

And trust me, I don't like it.

I'm not a social butterfly and it takes me quite awhile to get comfortable with people and so I understand how my son feels.

I hope whoever made them think this was a good idea, will get this revisited.

Come to think of it, I should just call the office and ask anyway.

Not that they are going to be changing anything.

Because we all know if you don't have money,  you don't have klout.

Do they shuffle the children at your child's school?
What about when you were a child in school?  (If you don't have children)

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  1. you know, i don't remember.. but i am thinking not, but then again maybe they did, but we got to see our friends at recess and stuff... this is broxtons first year at K3, so we will see how it goes next year...

  2. Yeah, they shuffle kids in my school. Luckily my middle child, who is the shyer one, still has one person he knows in his class, and my oldest has been shuffled enough they can't put him in a class with no one he knows. But very little overlap, so I'm thinking that's on purpose. It does have one very good benifit though...they are also not in the same class with the same bullies from last year. That is a HUGE blessing.

  3. PS: When I was a kid I changed schools so often I wouldn't have noticed.

  4. Hi there, what a disturbing ordeal! I think that is absolutely unnecessary to shuffle kids around that often. If this is very important to you, and I think it should be since your son's well being and his happiness is the one of those support to his accomplishments. I would write to the district slow mail, or email to the principal. There is a difference when you put things down in writing, especially when it comes to government offices. They do not want the situation to come back to haunt them (proof in writing) if others come forth about it now or later.
    My school never did that. Even in our private school right now, they kept the friends together, and when I asked about the division -they said it was randomly picked...I doubt this too. But in this case, the parents are happy about it, so no need for me to write in. smiles.

  5. While I can see some advantages to mixing the kids up a little so they can make new friends the thought of having a completely new group on the first day of school does not seem like a good idea at all. They could have done minor change ups and had better results.

    When I was in school one of the things I most looked forward to was seeing friends who I did not see during the summer break. Kids also need a peer support system even if it's just one or two friends.

  6. We never had all the same kids in our class year after year, but there were many that we did know from the year before.

  7. Growing up shuffling of classes was always done. As a teacher, I have seen small schools that do not have the enrollment and honestly, it can be hard to have the same children constantly together for years. I do see the benefit of looping children and teachers for more than a year when kids are very young.

  8. When my sons were in elementary school there were 2 teachers for each grade. And they did shuffle. However, I was very active in the school and would request which of the 2 teachers I wanted for my sons.

  9. Ah,this is a bummer,it never hurts to call and voice your concerns.

  10. When I was in school (granted, it was a smallish private school) the class advanced together. It was nice knowing you'd see your same friends - and have that friendship bond grow each year. Princess Nagger's school shuffles the students each year. I don't like it - while I think it's a good idea to have the kids achieve socialization, I think it also affects some kids differently, like your son being shy, and Princess Nagger being shy until you get to know her, like her mama. ;) Personally I think shuffling them around like that is more detrimental to the kids than helpful. ((HUGZ!!))

    Fox vs. Rabbit

  11. They do change around the pupils in my boys school however for grade 1 and 2 the kids and form teacher remains the same.

  12. Sometimes the kids and now the grandkids have the same friends in class. If not they always meet up on the playground during recess and lunch. ;)

  13. I was always in combination classes in elementary school so I was always with the same group of kids. I don't know what they do today!

  14. I remember when my son was in elementary school they were experimenting with a two year classroom where the kids were in the same classroom with the same teacher for two years. I am not sure how that turned out.

    I was thinking about you with Isaac earlier in the week :)

    Have a great weekend!

  15. My kids have been in multi-age classes all through elementary school. It was a program we chose to enter. I can see the pros and cons...but it has been good for both of our kids.


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