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Helping A Family In Need - Home Destroyed By Fire

I can only imagine what it feels like to lose everything you had. It's a blessing to have your life and that of your loved ones, but it does something to the mind when you realize you are at others mercy for survival.

Let's spread the word and see how much help we can get for this family.

Dawn Pruitt, of "Check it Out! with Dawn" has had an unfortunate turn of events lately.

After authorities stressed the dangers of fireworks, on July 4, a neighboring subdivision set fireworks off and resulted in burning down Dawn's home, which was built as a Habitat for Humanity home.
They not only lost their home but also their 3 family pets (two cats and a little puppy).
They're going through an emotional and very hard financial time right now and when I heard this story, I immediately wanted to help in any way I could.

Jessica has created a campaign on Indiegogo to help raise any funds possible to help her and her family out.

The fundraiser is over, but I'm sure she still needs as much help as possible.

Link to fundraiser: Goal: $2500 FUNDRAISER ENDS AUGUST 11, 2012

As a quote from Dawn: "We got out with nothing but our PJ's! No shoes, nothing and our home is considered a total loss so anything would be so greatly appreciated!"

Jessica Check it Out! with Dawn blog -

News article on fire -

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  1. I did a post for Dawn and her family, too. My heart just breaks for them! Especially with losing their family pets :(

    I couldn't imagine...

  2. I will check it out, that is especially tough.


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