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Her Hair Is Hallowed Gold

I have to say that I love the Olympics. There is so much history and barriers broken and trampled on by amazing athletes.

I remember reading about how African Americans were allowed to compete and there was the law or whatever that banned any sort of racism from the Olympics.  There was such an uproar about that, but gosh was it such a moment that dipped into our hearts.

So many people have trained and struggled to lift themselves up and also teach us that we too, can do anything.

I am so proud of Gabby Douglas winning the gold in the all round American Gymnastics.  All I could see was this beautiful group of girls giving their all to themselves, their families and their country.

Gabrielle Douglas
And yet, people were on social media talking about the least of anything, Gabby's hair.  I weep for such idiots. It's hard to even comprehend these kind of people who can't see the wonderful breakthrough happening for our girls, women and races.

Most impressive in all this is to see her give praises to God. This helps young girls and young people everywhere know that it is okay to be proud in your faith and to give glory where glory belongs. I want to see these good qualities in my daughter.

Sweet sigh.
For all the little girls with big dreams.
Go Gabby!

And doesn't it just bring tears to your eyes supporting our American team? It's almost like supporting our soldiers going into war for our country!

It's a marvelous feeling!

Side note: I think it's awesome that our National Anthem is being played so often! Seems it's rarely played here in the US except on special days.

I'm so proud of our American team!

And now for the track & field! *Rubs hands in glee*

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  1. I honestly haven't been watching the Olympics but my mom turns it on every now and again and roots on team USA.

    I can see how the games bring us together as a nation though :)

  2. It's such a wonderful thing! I was tickled pink when I heard she won!

  3. I am so proud of this brave, talented and dedicated young gymnast. I was shocked (but shouldn't be) when I heard there were derogatory comments made. They must be coming from mean spirited jealous individuals. God bless Gabby Douglas! Did your hear her say the praise goes to God and the blessings come down? Racism breaks my heart!!!

  4. Not only am I extremely happy for her but she has sacrificed so many years of her life to become the best of the best so good for her. I really didn't even think about race when I saw her the only thing I thought was omg that girl is built.People always has to look for something to pick at :(


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