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Motives in Tolerance

I've thought the very same thing too.
I mean really?
If you are 'tolerant' you'd understand that everyone is different and will make such choices accordingly,  but that doesn't mean I should make their lives miserable for it.

Every single one of us has a choice in everything we do.

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  1. The problem is people don't really understand tolerance: It is a very hard concept to follow through on. Tolerance is means to agree to allow for something you do not approve of, now that is hard for anyone to totally wrap their mind around, that is why tolerance is very, very hard!

  2. This is so very true! I know people who truly ARE tolerant, but I've come across more often then not people who aren't.

    Being tolerant and openminded is about accepting people for who they are and what they believe, even if it means you personally don't agree.

    Just as long as there's mutual respect and understanding, THAT'S tolerance.

  3. Mutual respect and and understanding, like Kayla said is tolerance.


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