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Protecting Your Reputation

This has become a huge topic in online business management. I want to share about this so that everyone can think about their online presence and find tools that can help protect their portfolio and business

It's no secret that a person's reputation is important, both in one's personal life as well as in business. When it comes to the Internet, however, the matter becomes critical, especially when a business' success hinges to a great extent on public perception.
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How a company is perceived by the buying public often depends on what comes up when a potential customer enters that company's name in a search engine such as Google. If the information returned is in any way unflattering, whether true or not, that potential buyer may be lost forever.

Online reputation management, a service offered by, is a proven, patented process for tracking your online reputation (what others are saying about you) and moving any pages containing negative or unflattering information so far down in the search engine rankings that no one will ever see them. This includes unfairly reported news articles, negative blog or forum posts, bogus reviews or any type of smear campaign, which can sometimes even be generated by a competitor.

The bottom line is that reputation management will improve what people are seeing when they look for your business online. It will provide better search results, improve your Google rankings and track sites that are posting reviews about your company, reporting back to you what's being said and where it's being published.

Online, what you don't know really can hurt you. Online reputation management fixes that by keeping you in the loop of what's being said and cleaning up the garbage.

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  1. I have often wonder what my profile say about me. I think this is a great service for every one online.


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