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School Schedule

Our elementary school begins August 10th.
I think that's too early. Last year it was the 17th and the year before the 25. Seems it's taking away August altogether.

I'm that parent who loves to spend all the time possible with my kids because I know once they leave, they are moving on out and into adulthood.

1. When does school begins for your children?
2. Do you think school begins too early?

Bonus for those without kids: 3. Were you excited to go back to school after holidays and school breaks?


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  1. We homeschool pretty much year-round, so it's ongoing for us. August 10th? That seems ridiculously early to me!!!! :(

  2. Ours used to start that early, but they keep pushing it back, which means we are not finished until June. I liked it better when we started about the 20th so we were finished on Memorial Day. Our kids return Aug. 27 this year. They don't get out until June 6.

  3. My son will begin college on August 27th, but the school system in our county starts back on the 14th. They keep scooting the first day of school back a few days at a time every year it seems and that's just ridiculous!

    When I was a kid, I loved going back to school. That only lasted till the newness of the idea wore off and then I was ready for a holiday break fast. lol

    It's kinda funny, we passed all the school supplies and I turned to DH, "Can we buy 'me' some back to school supplies?" That's the one thing I loved the most about going back to school - new school supplies, especially a brand new box of 64-count crayons. ^.^

  4. Oh that is way too early, and it seems that everything is pushing on quicker and faster nowadays.

    My son will start school in the second week of August!

  5. School starts September 4th. I wouldn't mind them going back early because when you work outside the home childcare can get expensive. Plus after 3 weeks they get bored, and miss their friends.

  6. My boys are now adults so I am not sure when school starts here. I do remember, however, that they used to start in early September and on some days they would come home wiped because of the heat and no ac in the schools. I also have to be honest, like you, I liked when they were home with me. I was never excited about them starting school and all the structure that goes along with it.

  7. Our school starts Aug. 9 and I believe it is way too early. Our school administrators decided to start early so that all the first semester testing can be done before Christmas break.

  8. I don't have kids but schools here start on Aug 23. I remember when they didn't start until after Labor Day & I'm not that old, lol... I am not a morning person, never have been so I was never excited about getting back into a routine of getting up early. I really didn't like middle or high school that much, I was very shy... I enjoyed college a lot more!

  9. I stopped my career short five years ago to stay home w/our then-new baby. He starts K this year, and it'll be the first time ever I've had the home all to myself, if I can't get back into the work force as quickly as I'd like to... *sigh* New kind of workforce. Makes me miss S.Fl., but it'll all work out, I know.

    School starts just after Labor Day here, and though there are some perks to an empty house, they're nothing in comparison to the perks you get when having the kids around.

    I love summer and miss the kids when they go back to school.

  10. broxton starts the end of august... i wish kids went year round personally..

  11. No kids. We start the last week in August here. I never really wanted to go back but I didn't fight it either.

  12. I don't have any kids so I'm going to opt for question number three. I was one of those nerds that was SO excited to go back to school. Lol

    Happy Friday :)

  13. 1) My daughter has school all through summer. My middle son school is starting in August 13.
    2) I think it is too early. He barely had a summer vacation, but they are giving more time off in the middle of the school year, so I guess it is ok.


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