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Sexing Up The Sauce

I keep hearing talk about the Ragu commercial.

I just saw it and at first I didn't know it was 'that' commercial, until it ended and my mouth was wide open.

The little boy is excited to come home and say something to his mom. You know how kids are. He barges in and apparently sees his mom having sex? (is that the innuendo?). And the commercial says to help the child out after a tough day of childhood with Ragu.

Seriously #Ragu can only sell their sauce by having a child coming home from school walking in on his parents having sex? So now I should think about Sex and then think Ragu or is it the other way around? 

Maybe I should think about my period and think Ragu? After all it is about the same color and every now and then the same consistency.

Ragu surely can do better than that. This is why we need minds that really want to do the work to get creative.  This isn't creative.


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  1. I agree, this is weird. Ragu could certainly get more bang for their advertising buck!

  2. I saw this on tv and while I personally thought it was pretty funny, I definitely don't think it's appropriate for a commercial geared towards kids.

    If they wanted to capture kid's attention, they probably should do something a little more age appropriate!


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