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The Library is NOT Your Babysitter!

It's Summer. I'm a laid back mom but I still take my kids to places so they can interact, learn and enjoy their summer!

The library had a free movie called 'The Zoo...or we bought a zoo" or something like that. I figured I'd take the kids and we'd hang out at the library.  I don't have theatre money so why not.

We get there on time and they even gave out free popcorn! The boy doesn't like it but promised to try it.

The movie started and I'm sitting there for 15 minutes waiting for these babysitters and parents to calm their kids down and focus on the movie.

We did come to WATCH and LISTEN to the movie right?

Twenty, thirty minutes later, it's still deafening. I do not hear one 'shush' and at this point, I want to scream: SHUTTTTT UPPPP!

You came to see the movie, then shush the kids and let us all watch. Show some respect dammit.

Isn't there a rule about being quiet in libraries for community sake?

And seriously, if your child doesn't watch tv at home or sit still for any amount of time to focus on anything, why do you think taking him/her to a public library to sit down on hard chairs and watch a movie is going to magically make him be still and silent?

I gave up. I figured I'd stay if my kids wanted to, even though we were basically reading lips.

Eventually my kids said they were cold and wanted to go. Whew! What a relief! We left in the middle or whatever of the movie.
The OCD in me couldn't believe it!

I'm sure we had fun wherever else we went. I think it was to the park. This is where noise is acceptable!

The library is NOT a babysitter!

I just do not understand how people can be so lax about respect and discipline.

*Steps off my high-chair*

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  1. People are very very selfish and inconsiderate. In Malaysia, I will be the first to say SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...well, like you said, it is time to watch movie. I remember once I was watching the Alice in Wonderland , 3D and there was a family talking. So I turned around and tell the mother in three languages to please understand that I paid to watch a movie infront of me and not another movie behind me! They went off saying something about me being very fierce. Oh well....hugs shakira

  2. Totally hearing you. It IS annoying when people aren't considerate of others. I didn't see that movie, but my teen (daughter) did and she really liked it.

  3. I hate that.... it is a great movie, so hope y'all enjoy it soon...

  4. You are so right Callie! The whole premise of a movie is WATCHING and LISTENING to it; not running around yelling and screaming through it.

    They'd kick you out of a movie theater for that behavior!

    You'd think the staff or librarians would have had a handle on things if the parents didn't...

  5. I agree, I am shocked by some people and their children. The rudeness is overwhelming. I sure hope you get to watch the movie with your children again but without the noise. Wishing you a great week!

  6. You are much, much nicer than me. I would have said shut up. I figure those kind of people keep acting like that because no one will call them out on their rudeness. I'm kinda happy to do it :)

  7. I would have been equally frustrated! That is just not fair to anyone who really wants to watch and listen!

  8. My first hubby and I took our firstborn to the movie and were kicked out when he started crying. Who can blame them? No one wants to hear something over than the movie.

  9. We didn't have any of this when we took ours to the library. It's still quite traditional here. Of course they do little sessions for kids and mothers, but generally speaking, kids know they're there to read books, sit on the bean bags and look at pictures etc. Parents generally keep their kids quiet. And you're right. The library is not a baby sitter.

    Colette, I'm Anne, the author Judy has spoken to you about re: guest posting on your blog. Please feel free to contact me, as I need to work out today if you're writing or if we are. Thank you and warm regards.

  10. Movie nights like that at our local library is only for teens. They need to respect others. What are the parents teaching their children.

    We Brought a Zoo is a great movie & Book. I am still reading the book, but I love the Book. The Movie is great! I would rent it as a family movie night. I think it has some great lessons in there.

    I would not give up on your local library movie night. Try again. Maybe it was a bad night.

  11. oh, you know you would get a lot of comments from moms with this post...
    I especially hate free places because of this...and the moms who force their children while the kids are screaming on top of their lungs that they don't want to participate. The mom on the other hand, because it is free, she keeps forcing, holding everyone else that,,,i wish I could just slap the woman silly. or open my mouth and say, can't you accept that your kid doesn't want to ride the damn ride, or play the damn game, and count your FREE loss, but move on so we all can get on with our lives? Ay Ya!


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