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Buy A Brick

My church is selling bricks for .50c.

It's a fabulous idea to get our members involved in sharing with other children, peoples in different countries.

Our church is big on charities and mission and I'm so proud of this foundation. We must give our time and money to help those without, until they can help themselves.

That is what sharing God's love is all about. Not just walking around with a bible preaching on every one's log in the eye.

So at church on Sunday, my husband and my kids have this tradition of sorts where he gives them .50c and they get a drink from the machine thingy.

I convinced my son to use his drink money to buy a brick for those children in Liberia who needed a cafeteria to eat their lunches.
We spoke about how nice it is for him to have a cafeteria to eat when it's too hot, or too cold etc and all the other benefits.
He seemed okay with it and was very excited to write his name on the two bricks he bought! He received $1 instead of just the .50c he would get.

I like this. It is good to teach our children the importance of giving. If they don't learn while they are young, they will have the hardest of times, trying to do this in a world that practices 'mine' instead of 'let's share.'

They drank water and was good with it.
I am proud of them.

Our church is also collecting gently used clothing and shoes to send to Liberia to help these children.
Love in action
We are collecting gently used children's clothing and shoes to send to Liberia at the end of the month. We are giving the children a chance to "buy a brick" to help build a cafeteria for a school in Liberia, .50 a brick.
Do you share in local or international missions?

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  1. that buy a brick is a great idea...
    we plan to do more now that we are getting more involved in our new church

  2. Colette, I love this post!! You are so right. It is so rewarding to give.

  3. Good for your son for contributing to such a good cause! I have no doubt he was proud to write his name on those bricks :)

    Even though I don't go to church or belong to these types of missions, I respect these types of churches immensely and what they do for charity like these!

  4. My kindergartner came home from school with a note about 25-cent Wednesday. The school is collecting a quarter from each child on Wednesdays to help children in another country buy uniforms (they are not permitted to attend without them). I thought it was nice they were starting so early to teach the importance of helping others. My son even knew the background of the children.

    I'm glad your son agreed to contribute and that he liked it too. :)


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