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Flowers Vs Flowers

Sometimes a girl just need flowers for no reason, but once in awhile, is good for me.
I will get very excited about my flowers. I'll take tons of photos as the stems of buds blooms in all their glory, and I'll sniff and touch and be all dreamy on them, but that doesn't mean I want flowers next time.

I do not want flowers every month or on my birthday or Christmas or for special days. I will expect flowers on special days. Show me something else, something creative.

Flowers for gifts are cliched like ties and socks.

Flowers are for special surprises when the time is unexpected.

But that's flowers from husbands and lovers.

Flowers from my kids are needed and wanted and accepted with delight at anytime and every time :)

Isn't that a form of hypocrisy?

I don't care.
There is just something about the innocence of my children giving me flowers and I cannot get enough of it! Shower me with them little sweet babies! I will not tire of this love.

Yes! I want them all the time. That is something I look forward to when spring and summer comes rolling around! It's one of the 'bestest' part of the seasons for me :) Even my seven year old gives me flowers! Not as often as the five year old girl, but they are just as welcomed and a blessing to me. 

Oh how I get excited about my flowers!

1 Do you like getting flowers as gifts? 
2. Do you give flowers to anyone? 


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  1. I love flowers as gifts all the time. I love them even more when they are given for no reason, just because.

    I do like giving flowers as well. When my Mom was alive I would always surprise her with flowers, daisies were her favorites.

  2. i love flowers... i never get them, but i sure love them.. from broxton i do get leaves and acorns.. they are just as special :)

  3. I love flowers but I prefer them in their natural setting. Getting flowers is always a pleasure too but they never seem to live very long.

    I rarely give however unless I know for sure what kind of flower the person likes.

  4. Hi J.S. ~~ Nice that your kids give you flowers.

    I like getting flowers from the kids and grandkids although there haven't been very many.

    A friend of mine, a retired pastor, would take DEAD flowers to as a gift when he visited someone in the hospital. It first happened by accident and after that it became his trademark.

  5. I love getting flowers...especially Tulips and Iris'...My hubby Loves giving them to me too!!

    I love giving my mama flowers!!

    Stop by and say hi!

  6. I would love to be surprised with flowers. I think I've only gotten them a couple times in my life. I don't really send flowers all that often, although now I'm thinking I should try to do that and surprise someone special. Happy weekend!

  7. I do love getting flowers esp. when it's for no special reason. And I do send flowers for occasions.

  8. I love getting flowers when it's for no apparent reason. Especially when given by one of the kids - even more special! I do send flowers, but not as often as I probably should. ;)

    The Smart Plan

  9. I love fresh flowers and Get them every now and then just because :)

  10. I am not a fan of flowers. I do not like watching them die. No, I usually buy flowering plants and things if I need to do a gift like that. I like gifts that last longer.

  11. When my mom was alive every Easter I gave her Easter Lilies and sometimes a Poinsettia at Christmas (if she did not have one already. Flowers are nice to receive sometimes, but I like nice plants instead. Flowers die to quickly and the thrill is gone, but a plant lives so much longer along with the thought of getting them and by who.

  12. I am with you completely when receiving flowers from a child, even if it's just a weed. It's the most pure and innocent act of love ever!

    I do not receive flowers nowadays; my children are grown! And I don't give flowers to anyone either, I feel bad when thinking that I've killed their life short, but I do give plants!

  13. I love getting flowers, and give them on certain occasions.
    Here's Mine

  14. I do like flowers. You deserve some beautiful ones that smell nice too :)

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Honestly, I'm torn; Flowers are beautiful and I DO enjoy getting them, but there's a part of me (the practical part) that says flowers are a waste of money when they'll just die anyway.

    Picking a single flower from outside is different though; it's spontaneous and romantic :)

    Happy Friday sis!

  16. I love fresh cut flowers however I'm always sad when they die. I prefer giving and receiving planted flowers. ;)


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