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Passion Creek Book Tour and #Giveaway - Excerpt

Passion Creek by Avery Flynn

At that moment Sam spotted the tell-tale neon green winter coat and matching bedazzled knit hat. Only one human being in the world thought neon green needed to be jazzed up.


Luckily, Glenda Layton's back was to them as she walked toward his office. Shit. If his mother saw them together, she wouldn't rest until she knew everything about Josie. And when it came to digging up gossip, no one was better than his mother – especially if it involved her children. Persuading Glenda not to interfere in her children's lives was about as easy as teaching a goat to use a fork and knife.
Glenda stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, her gloved hand digging through her purse. She brought out a cell phone.

"Yellow," she hollered into the phone, her mispronounced greeting carrying over the wind.
If he played it right, he could get past her. Gripping Josie's ice-cold fingers in his, he sped up the pace.
Swerving around the students shuffling to class, he hoped a few of the wrapped up co-eds would serve as a wall between them and Glenda. Ignoring Josie's squawk of protest, he hoofed it down the sidewalk.

A few feet now and they'd be past Glenda and her inquiring mind.
Right as they were steps away from his mom, she snapped the phone shut and turned.

He and Josie came face-to-face with Glenda.
She took in the other-worldly blonde beside him and her gaze traveled down to his fingers wrapped around Josie's. When she looked back up, he swore he could see grandchildren reflected in the depths of her brown eyes.

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This book is for 18+
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About the author: Owner of JamericanSpice. Sharing my journey in the present, from the past or thoughts for my future. Mom of two who loves to travel and read and decipher people. Please read my disclosure 
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