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Peeping Stall

Another reason I despise public bathrooms! Really? We can't make the doors close all the way to ensure full privacy?

I just love how the woman washing her hands across the sink can see up my dark area as I bend to gather up my pants.

Sometimes I let my kid stand in the line of vision to provide security as I hurriedly do my business.

So this is why I use the handicap bathroom stall. It's always all the way in the back :) (And really I do have two kids with me all the time. It's sort of a family affair)

How do you feel about it?

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  1. Girl I know what you mean! Those spaces are down right evil, probably designed by some man because no woman would ever leave a crack that big.

  2. i know what you mean... it drives me insane

  3. That and the ones that the door only come up so far. You know, so everyone who walks by can see over. Ridiculous!

  4. bwuahahahahahahahahaha

    I'm sorry to laugh. I've never made eye contact through that crack, but I totally get it, and it's not funny but it still makes me laugh (I don't know why, I guess the way you wrote it up). You're right though, they are ridiculous.

  5. I can relate. Popping in & catching up with you! Off to see what else is going on. Just wanted to say hi! @

  6. This is exactly why I avoid public bathrooms like the plague! Seriously, I will hold it until I get home-I know that's horrible for you, but I just can't bring myself to use one o.O


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