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Progressive Snapshot Good Driving Challenge

I did the Progressive Snapshot Good Driving Challenge.

It is an interesting little device. It reminded me that I needed to behave on the streets, but really, there were times when there was no helping it. I had to defend my vehicle and that includes breaking suddenly or speeding up or swerving. Of course then I'd hear the beep - beep, which let's me know they just logged that information and I'd be penalized. Well not really penalized, but still it's not good for my record.

It is easy to plug into your vehicle and drive. It doesn't bulge or bug and you only know it's there when you turn your vehicle on and when you have to drive defensively on the roadways.

I am a very careful driver because I know how in an instant things can change, because of being distracted or not being wise while behind the wheel. However it is hard to plan for everyone around you. And you know 'those drivers.'

As a mom my car trips revolve around my children and their schedules. I'm glad things are close enough to us, however, they are still too far away for walking. I noticed on my weekly reports, the device would recommend I carpool. Maybe I'm the carpool :)
And apparently customers using the device drive more than 30 or so miles each day. I only do a few miles on each trip to drop kids off and pick them up and go to the library, and after school activities etc.

I understand how this could help the customer get a rate that fits your lifestyle, but I can see a few cons about the program.

I do not know if this is  a feature of the device, but I noticed my car would alarm on it's own when I had it parked for a couple hours. I was freaked out at first and then I wondered if the progressive team was just using the device to check if the device was still plugged into the vehicle, or if the vehicle was  still in drive or parked. I would like to understand why this happened. Usually if my vehicle is alarming, I immediately assume someone is trying to break into it.

I was hoping to get my quote, but I've tried it a couple times and all I get is the 'please wait...'
I hope I'll get it soon so I can share it along with this review! I just want to KNOW how well terrible I did!

The two best places I traveled with my snapshot, would be to church and to the soccer field. Why? Because they are farther away from my home and I get to really be able to drive for a period of time with the device. Prove my skills that I'm not a brake freak :) The weekly reviews kept saying I was breaking hard.

My kids were fascinated with the device! I explained to them how it worked. They had fun reminding me to behave :)

Here is how it works :

“Snapshot®, and what is sure to follow in its evolution, is a meaningful start toward personalized insurance pricing based on real–time measurement of your driving behavior— the statistics of one.” —Glenn Renwick, 2011 Letter to the Shareholders

Snapshot Fact Sheet

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Progressive.

PROGRESSIVE’S MODEL – ‘SNAPSHOT®’ With Progressive’s patented data collection program—called Snapshot—customers plug a small device into the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port in their car. The device collects and transmits data to Progressive on the time of day the car is driven, hard brakes and total mileage. Progressive then factors the data into the customer’s rate calculation. After 30 days, the company can offer the customer a discount of up to 30 percent.

Snapshot is now available to policyholders in 42 states and the District of Columbia. And having seen the predictive power of this data, Progressive has launched a major expansion of Snapshot. Drivers now don’t need to be a current Progressive customer to enroll in a 30-day free trial, during which they can learn whether their personal driving habits qualify them for additional savings of up to 30 percent off Progressive’s auto insurance rates. They can then compare that price to the rate they currently pay with their existing insurer.

Drivers who test drive Snapshot can track their potential savings on a daily basis during their trial. 

IMPLICATIONS FOR CONSUMERS As driving data becomes more available, rates will become far more individualized—and fairer—than they are today.

Did you get to testdrive the snapshot?
Would you?
Are you already a progressive customer?

Learn more:

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