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Smoochie First - Aloha!

Do you remember your first kiss?
Have you ever turned down a kiss?


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  1. I remember it, and I liked the boy, but it was more about wanting to experience a kiss than anything romantic.

  2. I just wanted to let you know it's not that I do not want to enter give-aways with such high entries. I don't even bother with 1,000 entries and more. Sorry! Hugs and have a great weekend.

  3. I remember my first "real" kiss. I was 13 years old and the boy was a little older than me. Why I even remember his name...Joe Atwell. Have I ever turned a kiss down? Hmmm, that one I can't say for sure. But, I believe I have always been open to accepting them.

  4. I certainly do even though it was over 4 decades ago. I remember it vividly :)

    I don't think I've even turned down a kiss LOL :)

  5. I do remember my first kiss, it was kind of comical. I just wanted to learn what a kiss was like...the boy, I didn't like much.
    I turn down kisses all the time, with this one particular person that still has a crush on me.

  6. oh yes, and when I am mad at SO. I do turn down the kisses too. don't everyone when they are mad? now, that's an interesting question...have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I remember my first kiss. I was 14 and had no idea was I was doing and neither did the boy. lol I have turned down lots of kisses from fresh boys but not of late. I only get kisses from my grands. I'll never turn those down.

  8. Oh, you'll love this one. When I was about 12, I went to a Halloween party and you know kids and their dares; I guess someone dared this guy to kiss me and back then, I wanted my first kiss to be special, so I took off one of the big high heels I was wearing and threatened anyone who came near me with it. LOL

    Ahhhh, to be young and attempt to keep things like your first kiss special ^.^

    My true first kiss when I was about 17 and by that time, I didn't really care. LOL

  9. I do remember my first kiss - it was magical. ;) And yes, I've definitely turned down kisses, especially from some over zealous guys I had no interest in. :) Have a great weekend, Callie! :)

    Power Play: The One Where Met-Ed Held Our Power Hostage for 27 Hours

  10. ha ha- good one!
    I can't even remember. Must have not been that great.

    Take care :)

  11. Oh, goodness, don't remember my first kiss and yep, I know how to say no and sometimes I wish I had said no LOL!
    Have a good weekend :)

  12. i think it is sad...
    lol, i have no clue...
    oops :)

  13. Let's just say Yes I do and I will be keeping those details to myself lol!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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  15. I turned down many a kiss and never ever kissed on the first date. Well, once. ;)

  16. I do remember my first was awesome!

    I also have turned down a kiss. The guy was a bit of a bother to me...


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