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Should Schools Abolish Homework?

I think they should get homework for revision and practice. We learn by repetition.
However it should not be more than an hour.
When children get home, they need time to play and be with their family before it's time to go to bed and begin the routine all over again.

Kids get so much homework these days, hours spent working, no time to play (why are they getting unhealthy?), no family time and then by the time you know it: dinner time, bedtime, and back to school.
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  1. I think homework is important because it reinforces the skills learned in school, but I also think they should have more time while at school to finish it.

  2. I think they should have homework. Marc and I were just talking about this...
    100 % - HOMEWORK needs to happen...
    For several reasons...
    One - repetition, Two - so that parents can see if they need help and to help them if need be, Three- so that parents can see what they are learning...
    Now, I do not agree that it needs to be TONS of homework, some teachers go overboard... but they do need some... just not tooooooo much...

  3. Hi Colette ~~ You are right, the kids need some time off.

    I have heard of people who give their kids play time first, say 30 minutes, and then work, work, work until it is done or meal time.

    The little girl had 30 pages of math problems to do for the next day. Her father helped her and at about one in the morning they finished.

    The next afternoon the dad asked how they did on the homework. The little girl said, "Don't be silly Daddy. The teacher didn't take it up as she said nobody could correct all this homework."

    Best wishes. If it is really too much you might speak to the teacher. They are supposed to listen, most will.

  4. I don't think so. I like that the kids have homework, but an hour like you say is enough.

  5. Oh, I totally agree! I think kids NEED the homework so they're not just in that learning mode at school, but teachers are giving so MUCH of it, even when I was in school!

    Keep it to 1 hour, 2 MAX.

  6. I think homework is important for students to practice what they've learned and/or show where they haven't understood the concept(s) after all.

  7. I think some homework is necessary. Practice and repetition helps reinforce what they learn at school. But, I hate when they have major assignments or lots and lots of homework. I think that schools need to do a better job of teaching study habits. My boys are really bad about that, and if they don't have an actual written assignment, they do not like to just "study"

  8. I think homework is important, but it shouldn't be daily.

  9. I loathe homework. Loathed it when I had to do it. Loathed it when I did it with my kids and out right hate doing it with my grand kids! LOL

  10. Homework, like housework, sucks. There is just too much stuff placed in teacher's laps to take away from the time needed to so what they need to do.
    Of course, now that my kids are grown, I wish they would have gotten more homework, ha ha.
    And yes, housework still sucks and always will....

    Take care :)

  11. I think homework is important, so long as it's not an overload. And definitely not every day. I think they should allow the kids to work on their homework at school - that way they have a good jump-start on it before they come home and can finish it when they get home leaving more time for family time. :)

    The Age of Wisdom

  12. Your assessment was spot on with my thoughts. I think homework is terrific because it reiterates what they are learning, allows more practice, and lets the parents know what's going on. But too much of it ruins the night. That little bit of precious time you have at night goes fast! I think a healthy balance goes a long way for this one.

  13. I disliked homework while I was in school and I particularly dislike like it for my 6-year-old daughter. She had homework in kindergarten and now in grade 1. I don't agree with it. In these grades, kids are usually going to be by 7:30 or 8:00 at the latest and when you factor in working parents who may not get home until 5:00 and then eat by 6:00, adding homework to the evening takes away from other time parents could be enjoying with their little ones after being away from them all day. I totally disagree with homework.

  14. You're absolutely right, more than an hour or so of homework everyday is a little too much!

    They do need tine to unwind!

  15. Too much homework is a BAD thing, I'm with you, a little but not too much. :)

  16. the dog ate it is funny! I wish the teachers would buy that now.

  17. My son is in 8 grade, and he has homework every day too. Now, he even has to glue his eyes to the computer screen to get his lesson..

    Books are only used by those children that have no internet, but you will have to sign a paper agreeing you're owed $175 dollars for the book if you lose it.

    Sorry for long rant!


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