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And Then It Exploded!

Apparently a plant in Japan that makes a key ingredient in diapers, have exploded. Now there is the push for panic for parents about imminent shortage and price hikes for diapers.


Get some cloth!

I mean it.

I grew up seeing babies wear cloth diapers my whole life. I'm sure I did too. And when I was given the job to babysit for my foster parents grandchildren, I also used the cloth on them and I can quickly pin a diaper on a kicking baby!

And despite all the rainbow colors of poop that makes it out on those whitest of white diaper cloths; once washed and pinned on the line (yes we didn't have washers and dryers) to dry in the sun, they were sparkling white!
We did soak them when necessary. Not too long of course, those things can get rancid, and stink really FAST! We also washed them with our hands with hard soap!

If you found a nappy (as they were called) that wasn't white, then someone was just lazy, or it was a very old one!

Now everyone is stocking up and going nuts-diaper-butt crazy.

Come on people, relax.
Get some cloth.
Better for the environment anyway. Not to mention how much money you'll be saving! And these days, they are as cute as buttons and with so many styles and colors to choose from!

No. I don't sell cloth diapers nor am I an advocate. I'm just saying. Life happens. Don't panic!

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  1. I completely agree! Go cloth! People are much too lazy these days!

  2. Oh my goodness, you're right. Those are too cute. Gonna have to tell my niece about these. She's got the only baby in the family in diapers, my great niece. Can you believe it? I'm too young for this crap! What's the matter with them? hehehehehe

  3. I had not heard about the explosion of the factory in Japan nor the diaper shortage and price hike rumors.

    You're totally right though Callie! People make such a big fuss about things they don't just stop and think about. It's not that hard to find alternative ways!

  4. Colette, you crack me up!! I had a baby who was allergic to disposable diapers and I had to use cloth. I had no washing machine. I used a scrub board and a huge pan to boil them in. I lived in the Bronx so there was no place to hang them in the sun. They hung on a clothes line in the shower and we did fine. Cloth diapers are not the end of the world. Love your posts - so real!!

  5. IF we have another baby, i want to do the cloth diaper route this time around...
    crossing fingers :)


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