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Dancing on Race

It is always good to find such an inspiring story.
This story while inspiring also made me want to cry. There are so many topics covered here.

I hope she gets her dream to dance White Swan, as a black girl.  I've only seen it once and it seems quite interesting and very intricate.

This is what my daughter wants to do. She wants to dance ballet. She is not interested in sports at all. Of course I did notice that every ballet school I checked for prices and location, there were no or only one black children in the whole class.

Should this stop me from letting my child dance? No.

However, I've read so many things about being in the ballet, is almost just like being in the NHL where racism is rampant and shown outright.

I will not let this stop my daughter from doing something she enjoys and want to learn. If anything, it should be a stepping stone to break down those silly barriers and give freedom to the carriers of such burdens as being racists.

I've always wanted to dance in the ballet. I had no one to help me. I still would love to learn and maybe one day. Dreams never die until you let them right.

But now, dv, it's time for my daughter's journey and surely she'll have a strong supporter in her mother.

Yes black girls can and do point their toes.

A small interview with Michaela

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  1. I watched the video. Great story! It's the only type I like to read or take time for. She not only has the determination, but she also made use of her destiny, which is taking her potential to the fullest, and that is an admirable trait. I wish her well.
    As for your daughter, if she can see herself dancing then that is what she should aim for and if she work hard enough nothing will stand in her way. She has you for a mother, that's already one lucky star. :-)

  2. If it's something she wants, it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. Her passion will carry her through!

  3. What a wonderful story. I think she's right, even when you know u shouldn't do something (in her case dance because her foot was hurt) if there's something telling you to go ahead it'll be ok, you should go ahead and do it. I hope she gets to dance the White Swan.

    Good luck to your daughter, you're going to be busy (busier)! :)

    1. I agree.
      And I suppose she is used to pain and knows what is acceptable.

      Thank you Rosey :)

  4. Now THAT'S what you call an inspirational story! All I can say is that girl has so much strength and heart just hearing about what she endured early on in her life.

    I personally believe if you love something and are passionate about it no matter what color your skin is, your ethnicity, age, height, weight, shoe size, etc, you should be able to do it if you can!

    Nobody should let anybody tell them otherwise!

    1. Thank you Kayla
      I do agree with you!
      I hope her story is a challenge for others to keep pushing ahead towards their dreams.

  5. No one should stop someone from dreaming...
    I am glad that your daughter has you for a mom :)

  6. I feel that your gal should go out and dance ballet if that is what she really wants. That story is very inspirational. Love the new redesign on the site.

    1. Oh thank you so much! And I do agree with you.

  7. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. With you as her mother, your daughter will be a shining star, in dance and every goal she strives for!

    1. Thank you Susan. I appreciate your kind words!
      I hope with God's help we'll meet with met dreams.


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