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Thursdays Unglued!

Thursdays for me is rough! I never planned for this to happen. I always schedule things wide open so that our family has time to relax and aren't always on the go.  I believe families MUST have time to just 'be.'

Anyway, it turned out that Thursdays for me has become my nightmare, but not really in a bad way, because all the things we are doing are normal and necessary. Just that I would never have them on the same day!

Bible study: I schedule that for Thursday mornings because I cannot do the ones at night, because I have small children and would rather be home.

In between all of that is getting kids off to school and doing other errands.

Ballet: That is one hour after school. So we can get home and the kids can have a snack, and baby girl can change into her leotard and get her hair in a bun, and we'll get to ballet on time.

Those were the ONLY things scheduled for Thursdays!!!!

I choose Thursdays for ballet because I thought we had soccer practice on Tuesdays!

Nope. Coach changed it around and now we do not have soccer on Tuesdays, but on Thursdays instead!

Nothing on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays. But everything on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays! Seems balanced right? No. It's just all packed into there back to back! I don't like it. Isn't it funny how life takes it's own stream?

So I've been having problems with Thursday mornings. I always seem to not sleep well that night and then I'm super tired in the mornings and just want to ditch bible study and go take a two hour nap after dropping the kids off at school.

Today was such a day. I told myself I simply wasn't going to go. Even though today was brunch and I had promised to bring the fruit.

I prayed about it.

I wasn't going to go.

But on my way home from dropping the kids off at school, I realized my energy had changed. I felt alive.

So I figured, I could go.

I got dressed and went.
On my way there, I thought I should just not bring any fruit, since I wasn't prepared and I thought I was going to be late.

I come to the last stop light to turn to church and I have 20 minutes to spare! It was unreal! It takes five minutes tops to get to the church from there. I am never early. So I decided to just go get the fruit. The store is right across the street from the light.

I go in the store and there is ONE single fruit plate. as if it's just sitting there waiting for me. I do not like to have the last of anything. And if you know me, I'll take things from the back shelf where no one else has touched, because I'm OCD or something.  So I was just standing there looking at this neatly done fruit plate and thought it amazing that all the signs are pointing to me going to bible study.

I get to church and the gals are just sitting around talking and haven't yet begin the discussion. :) Oh boy I tell you, satan just wants to steal our joy any way he can.

So we had a great discussion from the book: He Speaks To Me - Preparing To Hear From God by Priscilla Shirer - Forwarded by Beth Moore

And brunch was finger licking good! The conversation was great! And I learned so much from these women.
I am so excited that God made all the little ways so that I could be there in fellowship! And I think he wants me to continue the Thursdays :)

It was just amazing to see the little things leading up to me being able to be there today and to have so much fun! And I am super super excited right now! Still sleepy ja, but super excited!

Is your family over-scheduled? Or do you schedule activities wide so that you will have time to be together in a relaxed environment? 

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  1. Nope. SO and I are very selfish in this department. That is why we probably don't have as many friends, but we have quality friends. We take one sport at a time, most is, one weekend day and one week day. We reward the kids in different ways, but we don't over kill our schedule. Sounds like you were on the right track...until the change

    1. I love how you and SO are.
      I am like that. I prefer a few good ones than to be all stressed out.

      And same with us. One sport at a time per child. I just wish my schedule didn't went all haywire :)

  2. I'm glad you went and had a good time too. :)

    We're not over scheduled but have been from time to time and it does get stressful.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Sheeesh, the latter half of your week is definitely all crazy busy! Isn't life like that though? All or nothing it seems to be. But at least it's not TOO bad a thing!

    I love how you have days like yours where things just work out and you KNOW it's all meant to be :)

    1. Thank you sis.
      When I can see the details, it just brings to the forefront how much God cares about me and what I do.

  4. Wow, it is pretty hectic! Glad to see you were still able to go to your Bible Study... I love my MOPS meetings, so I understand!

    1. I used to love MOPS!
      Not sure why they stopped doing it at our church.


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