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What's The Last Thing That Irritated You?

You know how they say, men need respect and women need love? And it's the hardest line to balance in a relationship for some couples? I think I have one.

When I come home from grocery shopping. I have to take all the groceries in all by myself. If my husband isn't home, then I have no problem with it. However if he is home and sits on the couch with the remote while I'm trekking back and forth from car to house, all alone, with groceries? I tend to get quite pissy.

It begin in my thoughts, my stomping in and out and my under breath mumbling, and pray he doesn't say anything to me, because my response will not be graceful!

It has always been this way in our relationship.

Yes, we have spoken....I have told him how I felt about it.

Yet it still happens.

I promise you, this is a love thing. If he would come out and help me. I would feel cared for....loved.

My children are now five and seven. They love to help me now. I feel so blessed, but it doesn't diminish the hurt I feel when my husband choose not to help me.

Not only that, but I feel as a family, we should help with things concerning our daily living.

One day I can remember him coming out to help and I felt all warm and fuzzy. well not all that, but you get the idea. I just felt great to have him care!

Maybe he isn't doing it on purpose. Maybe he just doesn't get it. But by golly, I wish he would, because I have to shop so often for our family and it will continue for many years, and you can just imagine the resentment that will get piled up in a jar somewhere.

I'm not upset about it when it's pass, but when it's happening, I can see rainbow colors in my head! :)

But like they say: Men are from Mars and women are from Venus!

What's the last thing that irritated you?

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  1. If you told him how much it would mean to you, would he then maybe make more of an effort?

  2. The last thing that irritated me was when I was given a 500.00 beauty product to review and I was so excited about it but my husband said what do you need that for , I was like well its free worth 500 dollars and I always wanted one. Ill be he would not have said that if I was offered a drill and not a beauty tool LOL

  3. It happens everyday, someone opens Saran wrap and left it on he counter. No one thinks about food or what they want to eat, I have to come up with the choices, and think about what to have for dinner, lunch, etc... That irritated me that even "what & ideas" no one even wants to think about it.

  4. Colette, it happens so often I try hard not to think about it. I am unappreciated and not respected in my home. He never goes shopping with me and he is retired nor does he ever offer to carry anything in put anything away, wash anything or even take out the trash. Whew! Did I say that? They raise them different in Mars!!

  5. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell Maybe I could broach another discussion, but I think he knows and I think it would not sit well with me that someone is doing something just to please me, while they hate it.

    I'd rather it be something they see and care to do, as I would care and help.

  6. lorialcorn2006
    I have no doubt he would be spastic with excitement if it was a tool for him.

    $500 is huge and he should have recognize what a good thing that was and it didn't have to come out of his pocket financially.

    It's just nice to get kudos from our SO's every so often.

  7. Self Sagacity
    It's a constant battle for us mamas. Some days it feels just too much.

  8. Judy SheldonWalker
    And I had such hope it would get better as life slows down and kids move out...

  9. I was over the top irritated, angry and every other negative emotion last night when I rang the police to report a neighbors nuisance barking dog. I was tired and the dang dog was keeping us from going to sleep. We couldn't even drown out the barking with our television. Ugh.

  10. The last thing that irritated me was dog dropping on my driveway, by my car, every morning. I get angry with the dog owners who should be responsible for their dog but not.

    In your case, I have to say, men sometimes are so innocent in their thoughts that it's not even funny. A child as I see, can be very caring and very considerate.

  11. Oh my gosh, I can't even get, I have learned that I have to focus on the good things (and there are a lot) or the little things will make me crazy!

    Classic example...the lawn...a man is supposed to do the lawn, right? Not in this house, not since the teen left, and we have a riding lawn mower.

    Bad reaction example: Pissy at my hubby for not doing it (and he's wasn't even home and I was getting festering mad, lol) I hastily took out the weed eater to at least get around the mailbox and along the front. Everything that could go wrong did. Too short of a cord, extension tangled, whacked my leg w/the string, lol. I finally had to settle down and realize I was in a tizzy for nothing.

    Hubby doesn't like to do it, he's rarely going to do it, and I have to either accept it and take over that duty (with a positive frame of mind) or keep being upset that hubby won't do something I think he should.

    I'm trying for the former. Trying... :) So today I will say a prayer and be thankful that I have a lawn to mow, and a husband I love who won't mow it, lol. Now the next time I have to break out that weedeater I'm going to come back to your site and remember I said this, lolol.

    Thank goodness for the little ones who like to help, yes? :)

  12. Cathi
    I can understand this. A dog's bark can be piercing!
    I hope you got some relief!

  13. ⊱↫PreciousKD↬⊰
    I have the same problem!

    I just want my lawn clean so my kids can play on it!

    If I wanted dog poo on it, I'd have a dog! Ugh!

  14. mail4rosey
    I know it honey!
    We just have to approach it from a learned experience point of view.
    I know soon I'll remember that it's not worth it to be upset and just get it done as to the Lord :) But gosh it's HARD!!

  15. The last thing that irritated me was when my son came home from school yesterday in tears. An incident that could and should have been prevented did not. I channeled it via an e-mail to the principal to remind him of his responsibility in the situation.

  16. Way to go Beth @ TheAngelForever
    We have to be the strongest support for our children!

    I hope there is a good outcome!

  17. The last thing that irritated me was the other day. Incompetence really does bother me. I went through the drive in at the D&D and the employees are always just standing around chatting, the line is always long and I have to check my order because they are so busy talking, that they aren't concentrating on their job.

  18. My hubby tends to be the same as yours - though he does help carry in the groceries without prompting if he's home, but will stand around 'hovering' for everything else. :)

    The last thing that irritated me was Little Dude throwing a 2-hour temper tantrum at bedtime and refusing to sleep. GAH! :)

    Get Your Motor Running

  19. Someone insinuating that I went to an event for free products!! Really upset me!!

  20. Probably my hubby. He's great at that!

    Happy Friday!

  21. oh just today when my son's leaks again on his bed....grrrr

  22. Our neighbors 4 barking dogs. They bark all day and night!

  23. You know, after 20 something years of marriage, I've learned how to pick and choose my battles and how to walk away. The stress from the arguments, even when I win, just isn't worth it.

    These days, it's those political ads- the mean ones and the ones with stretched truths- are irking me.

    Have a great weekend- hugs to you :)

  24. Oh yes I agree with Harriette about picking & choosing battles. Petty things you just have to learn to let it roll off your back because sweetie it's only going to happen again with men. They're like children most of the time, but I find that if you just let it be there idea when it's really yours mmmmm that's the best way to win. For example, I didn't want to eat late tonight he ALWAYS does so instead of getting angry I told him why don't you wait tonight until you're good & hungry & then order your pizza & then it'll take an hour to get here & then as soon as you eat it'll be time for bed & you'll go to bed with a big (emphasizing big) satisfied belly. Hmmmm he says, can you order it now cuz it'll take an hour anyway. Well, if you insist! God, I love being a woman! Have a great weekend my friend.

  25. I swear, men just don't get it! I have to give my husband clear instructions, he will never just do something, even if he should know by now to do it! I guess it's like you said, men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

  26. The last thing that irritated me was the overfilled garbage can in the house. Everyone seemed to be fine with just starting to pile the trash on the floor next to the can, but not taking out the trash.

    I have been in your situation before many times with the X, and I guess that's why he is an X now. But really, I totally share your feelings to the depth of my soul.

  27. The last thing would be my kids keaving clothes all over the house. It drives me crazy!


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