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What's Up With All This Celebrating Of Evil?

In my country we do not celebrate halloween. So even after all these years here in America, it's still foreign to me and not something I look forward to doing.

When my children were young to age five and six, it was easy to keep them away from the cloak of halloween delving.  They did have fun little costumes (which I didn't purchase) and we'd sit at our door and watch the going ons and give out the candy to kids stopping by. They'd squeal at the cute costumes and meet other kids and neighbors. No biggie.

Last year, my kids wanted to go out. So I dressed them up and off we went around the neighborhood to collect candy and see the settings.

Again no biggie and my kids were excited.
Too much candy and I admit to dumping some because there is no way they were going to eat candy everyday and they knew that. Especially if they already had candy at school! Let's not get started on the candy giving at schools!!

But I really do not care for halloween. I want to say I'll do it for the kids, but I really don't want to do that either.
I'm all for the candy and cute costumes on little kids, but seriously, what is with the evil celebrating. It seems it gets more scarier and scarier. I don't do scary very well.

I don't mind the kids being dressed up all cute, going trick or treating with their families, but I do not like the constant scary advertisements on my TV, the scary movie marathons, gruesome looking homes and decors and people acting weirder than usual.

It's not about the religious part of it or the history. After all I wouldn't mind dressing up in a fun costume (nothing scary) myself. Maybe a queen or police officer or even a sexy Jasmine. It's just my opinion that it just seems evil and suck the fun, cute and candy out of it.

Am I the only one who feels this way about halloween?

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  1. Halloween was derived from the Gaelic holiday Samhain, which, like the Mexican's Day of the Dead on November 2nd, is just part of a cultural heritage to celebrate the Autumn season and to celebrate loved ones gone.

    It's been TOTALLY Westernized and blown out of proportion with the Halloween we know today; scary movie marathons, tons of sugary candy, scary decorations....

    So I really don't blame you for your line of thinking in regards to Halloween. A lot of people don't realize where the holiday even derived from what what it TRULY means!

  2. I love the scary aspect of it, but agree with Kayla about the Celtic Samhain festival. The scary part of it comes from the supernatural aspect of the veil between the worlds thinning. Since we live in a society that views death as scary instead of natural, the it makes sense that holidays (like the Day of the Dead, as well) would be scary-ized.

  3. Being Catholic we celebrate it a little different but I won't go into all that. In my youth, it was simpler, it was really just one day or the weekend before, maybe a party on Saturday night. At school, we only dressed up right at the end of the school day and had a cookie or cupcake, very simple. Now, it seems here in the United States they go on and on for the entire month, quite silly and over the top and not what I did with my children and I never dressed sexy either.

  4. I have a hard time with the fact that so many people are "into" horror. How can a person watch a show that depicts the torture, blood, and suffering of people and enjoy it? Shouldn't something in your soul cry out that it's wrong to enjoy evil things? Then we dress little kids up as undead zombies and ghouls... decorate with skulls and more blood...I don't know. Halloween is sick. Just my thoughts, and I know I'm in the minority.

  5. Broxton is going as jake (and the neverland pirates) I love Halloween.. to see the little kids dressed up all cute... but when they are older and scary... I am not a fan...

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  7. I was raised Catholic and love Halloween. However I don't look at it as a celebration. I think it all depends on how you view things. I just see it as a day to dress up and have some fun with friends. The children (my son anyway) see it as a break from his regular school day, as they get to have treats and wear costumes and go trick or treating for a wide variety of candy. Halloween and Easter are the only times we allow sweets like this. It's all for fun. And the movies have always been there. I am not a fan of gore however I do like a good scary movie. Maybe ghostly but that's about it. It is all how one is raised. I feel the Mexican holiday "Day of the Dead" is strange and weird. I am hispanic born in Puerto Rico and we don't celebrate things like that.

    1. Thank you for sharing.
      I can definitely see your side.

  8. When our kids were small, I would not allow them to dress up in anything remotely scary period. I wanted Halloween to be more like a costume party on the street nothing creepy. We would watch fun Halloween movies no blood slashing flicks. This would keep wee ones from having nightmares and this mom, too. lol I'm totally with you and understand how you feel. Just do what you feel comfortable with regarding Halloween. There are many parents who are cautious about this holiday and some prefer to do a Harvest Fest at their local church or Trunk and Treat. There are plenty of fun alternatives to Halloween, if you prefer. Whatever y'all do, be safe & well. Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you Cathy
      That is what I did, the Harvest Fest and trunk or treat. I prefer that to all the gore and even visiting weird neighbors I don't interact with.
      Our neighbors wants us to go out tonight, so I'll go with the kids, but alas I just cannot stand this.

  9. Colette, the older I get the more upset I get about certain aspects of this "holiday". Dressing up is fun but devil's night, horror movies, burning down empty homes...It has gotten crazy. Mariolina was born in Haiti and they celebrate it much differently, more respectful, less fearful...Plus all that candy!! I have read so many articles about the harm of sugar on our bodies and compiled the information into one. There are about 100 bad affects of sugar on our body - so do we really want our children to have a bag of candy!!??


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