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What does PR means to PR people is a really interesting article. If you are into blogging for stuff, then read it.

Women and girls have always had a fight for basic rights. Today we are still in this fight. Some women and girls do not even know what it means to be free. So much so that they believe their prison to be a sort of freedom. Here is one little girl who had the gumption to speak up and stand for others weaker than her in Bullies Outside the Schoolyard.

And we do know that many secrets are behind the closed doors. Some of them we do not want to know, but how about learning from people who have worked in these places that can share some facts with you?
i.e Learning that Olive Garden actually microwave some of their meals! Learn more from some of your favorite stores!


And if you want to have a journal great, but if you want to blog for audience content sharing and maybe even make your blog a business one day, you should check out the The Grammar Police and your Blog.

Find any interesting articles lately? Share with me below or share a tip. Or send me a link to yours and I'll share in my next Bloggy Gossip!

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  1. I'm gonna check out that first article for sure!

  2. Oh, that story about the young girl is heartbreaking and amazing all at the same time.
    It doesn't seem right that the Olive Garden microwaves meals?
    I loved the Grammar Police, now if I only.

  3. thanks for the article on the grammar police, it was an interesting read. some of those are true, some are not quite, but I mostly agree.

  4. Colette, I just ran across this post of yours in my e-mail from October! I definitely am going to check out the links that you posted! Thanks!

    1. Thank you Barb!

      I hope you find something useful.


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