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Green and Healthy Life for My Daughter

My daughter is highly allergic to most household chemicals and detergents. When I needed to have my carpets cleaned, there were just not a lot of options for me when it came to rug cleaning New York

I searched for several days to try and find a company that would not do more harm than good by coming to my home and using harsh chemicals to clean my carpet. If I would have chosen most of the services, my daughter could have very well wound up in a hospital due to a severe allergic reaction.
A close friend recommended Green Choice Carpet cleaners to me because she had also had experiences with allergic reactions to carpet cleaning solutions. I immediately looked up the site and was very impressed to see the services that they had to offer. I especially loved the chat feature that allowed me to talk to a representative about my concerns. She recommended a specific Green Choice service.
The next week, my carpets were cleaned. I had never experienced carpet cleaning like this. There was absolutely no chemical smell hanging in the air at all. I was so happy with this service that I recommend it to all of my friends who are interested in green living or have allergy issues of their own.

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  1. I wonder if this is in my area. I'm going to check. I'd like to have the carpets cleaned before holiday visits begin and I hate the chemical smells. PLUS we're about to paint, so some of the rooms are empty, which makes it a doubly perfect time to get a cleaning. Thx for the heads up!


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