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I Need A Miracle! - 4Ms

Oh yes! Such a strong song! We've all been there.

Update 11/7/12
This is not a political post, or song. It's just music that I enjoy. :)


Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 

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  1. This country needs a miracle, too. Let's pray for tomorrow's election, my friend. Thanks for sharing such a moving song with us on Monday's Music Moves Me. It's so great to dance with you each week.

  2. Beautiful choice this week, C.

  3. A perfect choice I think as the nation faces choosing a leader. The whole world could use a miracle I think. Thank God some of us believe they still happen.

  4. I like that one! Good choice. Happy Monday.

  5. That's a great song! I'm praying for a miracle, too.

    Have a great week!

  6. Very appropriate my friend. I agree with Cathy. This is U.S. we do need a miracle right about now. I'm sorry I don't care for Romney. He seems to egotistical & snobbish for me & his wife. Just my opinion of course, and Obama he's pretty up front & you know he's really trying I mean look what he was left with from the Bush administration. The part I don't like all year around too not just now is anyone making fun of the President. Doesn't seem right to me like it should be against the law & Mrs. Obama she makes a wonderful First Lady. Cudos to her. Down to earth & not pushy. I like that. Granted Obama has a lot of work to do and things to change, but as I said with what he was left with he needs more than 4 yrs. to do & if he does get knocked out it took a hurricane to do it NOT Romney. We do need a miracle for our politics & our planet. Love ya girl FABULOUS SONG! As I said only my opinion!

  7. Lovely choice :-)

    Good luck with the elections over there :-)

  8. What a beautiful,hopeful song!

  9. Oh yes, lovely song. Everyone needs a miracle once in awhile.
    Have a great week.
    ~Naila Moon

  10. Every day is a miracle and I truly believe our best choice is the one we have now. I respect him so much and hate the disrespectful way he has been treated. Romney is insincere and greedy. Our needs mean nothing to him.

  11. Such a WONDERFUL CHOICE!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your ELECTIONS. I truly believe that PRESIDENT OBAMA deserve another four years. AGAIN, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! I love you GIRL!!!! hugs shakira

  12. This is not a political song or post. It's just music that I love!

  13. How expressive. Even though politic wasn't your intention, it turns out that was on everyone's mind. :-)
    Have a great week.


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