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In Darkness

I was doing really well until this line: "On May 12 1945, Leopold Socha was killed, saving his daughter from an out-of-control Russian army truck. At his funeral, someone said, "It's God's punishment for helping the Jews"

As if we need God to punish each other.

The air went out of me and I bawled.

It always amazes me how evil people can be and have the potential to become.

If you haven't seen the movie. Watch it.

And if you prefer to read, then read a memoir from one of the survivors

"In 1943, with Lvov's 150,000 Jews having been exiled, killed, or forced into ghettos and facing extermination, a group of Polish Jews daringly sought refuge in the city's sewer system. 

The last surviving member this group, Krystyna Chiger, shares one of the most intimate, harrowing and ultimately triumphant tales of survival to emerge from the Holocaust. The Girl in the Green Sweater is Chiger's harrowing first-person account of the fourteen months she spent with her family in the fetid, underground sewers of Lvov." 

The Girl in the Green Sweater is also the story of Leopold Socha, the group's unlikely savior. A Polish Catholic and former thief, Socha risked his life to help Chiger's underground family survive, bringing them food, medicine, and supplies. A moving memoir of a desperate escape and life under unimaginable circumstances, The Girl in the Green Sweater is ultimately a tale of intimate survival, friendship, and redemption. A bit on Krystyna

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  1. I just finished reading a book about South Sudan (set in the mid-'80's) and you're right, the evil people inflict on one another is just unthinkable, and it happens in so many different ways.

    I haven't heard of this but I'll keep it in mind when I'm ready for another serious journey into something w/a significant historical reference (I have to rest between these heavy things, like you mentioned in another post about your Bible Study classes...though mine is to recover, lol).

    Thank you for the heads-up and the recommendation.


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