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Thankful Notes Week 1

I will be sharing my thankful thoughts during the month of November and December. The kids have a jar that they've been putting notes in throughout the year too and we'll read those at dinner. So these are basically my post it notes. Join in if you wish and we'll visit each other!

Thankful 1:
That I choose to begin my day in prayer and learning more about God for my own growth and sanity.

Thursday 11/02
Thankful 2:
Because I was convicted. I have a different attitude now about making lunch for my son. At first it was irritating me that I had to do two lunches again. I just wanted to do lunch for a year for Ms V in Kindergarten, just as I did for him when he was in kindergarten. But the boy kept asking, begging me to make his lunches again. He says he loves my lunches. I was afraid I wouldn't give him enough to eat and that I would just not have enough time to do two or maybe just being selfish of wanting to focus on one or not having to wake up as early.

But now I know that I'm mother. I'm in service to my family. It's a blessing. Now making lunches are easier with a different attitude.
Thankful for my conviction.

Thankful 3: - 11/03
Soccer went well and our team won and my son wasn't injured too bad.

We could afford our weekly groceries and I didn't feel an anxiety attack about stuff I put in my cart.

My son's thermos has arrived. Yay. Which means he can get hot meals for lunch now. I can't do lunch for the kids unless I have something for hot lunches.

Having the choice of 1st or 2nd service so that we wouldn't have to miss early morning soccer on Sunday.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. It has to make you feel good that he really, really likes the lunches you make for him!

  2. I think putting down what you're thankful for so you can go back and read it in the future is such a great idea! Not only for the month of November and December, but generally for the whole year :)

    I'm thankful I had a good day today and was able to get some things done!


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