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Who Is Your Driver? - Inspiration Sunday

Right now I'm choosing not to attend bible study. It's not the one I had before. It's a new one. I do not like to do things back to back. I like to have a study and then reflect on that study for awhile after it's finished and so that's what I'm choosing to do and I feel okay about it.

I think I said yes to the second one because so many others asked me if I was going and it was kind of a by-peer-pressure. Not really that, but something like that and I felt like I should say yes , or I said yes before I thought about it.

But I love handling my time and space in a contented manner and not just hopping from one thing to the other, so for me this is right to take a break and digest the past two months of bible study I had actively been apart of and go over it again on my own and learn again what I might have missed or forgotten.

So who has your wheel? :)

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  1. I am glad you chose to take a break... not doing a Bible Study because you want to reflect is something more need to do, instead of just jumping in because others do so...

    1. Thank you Noelle.
      I will pay the money for the book because I had put my name on the list. But I definitely just need to settle and breathe and get another pass at the studies we went through.

      Sometimes you just have to think carefully on what you choose to share your time with.

  2. That phrase is always so awesome to me (Jesus take the wheel), and every since I first heard it years ago, I find it coming out of my mouth every now and again.


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