Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. Cyril Connolly (1903 - 1974)


Freedom From Myself

It's amazing how much I want to just give up on myself when I sin. As if I can save myself.

Why does it seem God's grace is something I need to work for? Why do I assume God is just tired of my blatant sinning and just can't bother with me anymore?

But I try to remind myself of the lies of satan.
He would like nothing else for me to wallow and reject that God loves me.

So even though I feel like crap and a major hypocrite, I pray and ask God to help me and forgive me again.

But aren't we just like our own kids. We help them understand about choices and they disobey anyway,  even when they know they could make a better choice. But as parents we still love them and know that they are going to disobey anyway! We forgive them.

Just as God loves us and forgives us.

Of course just like parenting, there are consequences to our sins too right?

But alas, I do not have to bear the burden of saving myself. God already did that and I just need to trust him.

This christian walk is quite a journey, don't you think? What keeps you going?

Colette is a busy mom of 2 kids focusing solely on being a mom. She hails from the Caribbean and now balance the full life of being a SAHM and dabbling in odd jobs to help around the home. She enjoys sharing her memories, hopes, food, travel, entertainment, and product experiences on her blog. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. Serious food for thought Colette. Wonderful message. Meditation, affirmation and the reading of inspirtional books keep me going. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you Judy.

      I need to get me some too. The music station keeps me going.

  2. Absolutely. I feel that way too, but your wisdom is a great reminder today. Thanks!

  3. I sometimes feel like that too. When I ask for forgiveness, I know very well it won't be my last sin so it seems pointless, but God doesn't feel that way.

  4. It's hard not to beat ourselves up when we do/think something we know we shouldn't have, but having that conviction is good, it means we're growing. And listening (which leads to more growing). I think that's a good thing. :)

  5. Sometimes I do feel like you are now however I do know that GOD is there for us and sometimes we do have to surrender all to him to be able to have peace.
    Dominique @Dominique's Desk


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