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Love On Wings - #26Actsofkindness - Aloha / TQT

In a world where there is so much negative being pushed on us the audience, It's always such a breath of fresh air when kindness shines through in a big way. 

I've been hearing about the #26Actsofkindess around the web and I am in love with the idea. Whatever it takes for us to re-focus and realize that people are important and needs help, love and care, I"m all for it!

It is especially an area of continued growth when we involve our children. When we move on to other things or die, our children will carry on the purpose of love and care for others that we instill in them. 

It's not enough just to talk about it. 

It's good to get them involved from their ideas combined with ours and actually physically doing things as a family. 

Throughout the year, I've done quite a few things with my children. Three of these significant ones are: 

1. Pennies for Charity. 
We had a church picnic where the families would come with all their children. The children all had to bring 100 pennies each for the local charity that was being supported at the picnic. They had really fun penny games for the kids and the whole family had a really good time sharing and showing our children the importance of caring for others needs. 

Photo: This coming Sunday, Oct. 28th we will have a Family Picnic and Penny Harvest!  Bring a picnic lunch and 100 pennies per child to use them for fun games and activities.  We will provide the ice cream!  All proceeds will go to Faith House - A shelter that provides safe housing & resources for women and children.
2. Can food drive
The kids had to bring canned goods for a local charity to our church. 
My children and I went about shopping. They had to choose cans off the shelf that they think a family need to cook with and put in the cart. They added the prices up and packed their own bags away from the regular groceries and brought it to church themselves. 
Photo: Kidz connection will start a new service project....
EVERY CAN COUNTS!  Collecting canned goods to take to our local food bank.  Oct. 7-21!
They have to understand that many times, children their age go to bed hungry because they do not have enough to eat. 

I was one of those children

3. Operation Christmas Child
The children and I had list. My son shopped for a 7 year old boy and my daughter shopped for a 5 year old girl. 
I helped as I could, but these are things I want them to do with focus and understand why they are doing it. 
I love being involved and I am especially so grateful that we have a church who are mission and people focused! 

Big or little, get involve and give of yourself to others. The blessings are worth it.  And do check out JDaniels4'sMom for some cool ideas she has to get involved.

Share one charity that you support? 


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  1. I've given to Children's Miracle Network, Salvation Army, and to a Polio foundation.

    1. Ahh yes those too.
      So many options for everyone!

  2. I give of my time, and money when I can, to our local animal shelter. The program I work with provides low cost spay/neuters for feral cats and cats from low income families. This past year we spay/neutered almost 800 cats.

    1. That is awesome!
      We have to take care of our animals!

  3. Merry Christmas (belated). Our favorite is Kim Long Orphanage.

    1. Thank you dahlin' and to you I hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

      And supporting an orphanage is my dream! I will have to look up more information on this!

  4. I give time, resources, money when I can to various places/causes too. One particularly close to my heart gets quite a bit of time and effort, but I enjoy every single thing we can do to help, and I always wish it was more.

    Also, you are so right about the churches that help...with so many people pulling together, a little becomes a lot.

    1. The ones dear to us gets our all and then some and I love that.
      This also means our children becomes involved even more!

      Thank you beautiful!

  5. I give to the leukemia fund, Sandy Relief, and our local chapter for homeless.

  6. I am working on my #26Acts. I try to do spontaneous things around my community. I think face-to-face acts of kindness are so meaningful!

  7. We support the GAP, a community action center for our county, with food and toy donations.

  8. we did the shoeboxes this year!!!! I loved it and now that I know how to pack one, I am ready for next year

  9. I always give to the Viet Nam Veterans. I know there is many updated programs, but my brother was in this one, so I never forget them. I also donate to the Salvation Army every time I hear the bells.


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