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Protect Your Lips This Season With Lip Conditioner

I am doing great in protecting my lips during the day, but at night, I need to step it up!

Lips, just like our skin, needs protection all the time and especially in the chilly months ahead. Winter can be brutal on the body overall and since our faces are probably the only thing showing during the cold months, let's give the lips high priority!

After all, your honey still wants his kissable treats right :)

Carmex is introducing their new everyday Lip Conditioner, with it's all-natural orange flavor and fast absorbing formula, the new Lip Conditioner will become one of the must have beauty products.

I love the smell of it and it keeps my lips soft and moisturized. I also love the cute design of the bottle, it has a lipstick shape! So night and day I'm conditioning my kissables! :)

I'm a big fan of Carmex lip products, so I'm excited about this new product made especially for this season!

Carmex Lip Conditioner is an entirely original product. It's neither a lip balm nor a lotion - it's a lip conditioner, and it's like lotion for your lips. Packed with 13 moisturizing ingredients, new Carmex Lip Conditioner will leave your lips silky smooth and kissable, never sticky. And because of its matte finish, Lip Conditioner makes a perfect base for lipstick. Whether you wear it alone for a natural look, or go bold by layering it underneath your favorite lip color, you can always count on your lips being protected.

It is Carmex, after all!

How do you protect your lips? 

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  1. I don't believe I have ever used Carmax lip balm before. I use Chapstick rather regularly. My lips aren't too bad to dry and crack, especially if I keep properly hydrated. But, I like to keep my lips soft so to help fight against these sorts of problems. Interesting & informative post!

  2. I like Carmex. I like Softlips too. And Chap Stick (especially the peppermint). Sometimes I just use Vaseline.

  3. I like Carmex and so does bb. When I pick mine up I get him one. I read a tip about putting a dab of honey on your lips then sealing it with vaseline. Sounds worth a try, but we still need the portable protection. lol


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